Children’s Day at Cartoon Network Playground

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  1. chocnut says:

    Ate Bechay,

    When will be the Filipino Migrant’s Day?

  2. elyoka says:

    nice pics! it seems obvious that your son enjoyed the day!
    just curious: why you did not buy a (material) present to your boy? was it because you thought there was no need for any OR there was an exact reason for that?

  3. jehan says:

    t Betchay, we visited Alex’ uncle last thur. it was only near lotte world. we just dropped by the (manmade?) lake beside it. then went to incheon. i wanted SooAe’s first children’s day to be more special by bringing her somewhere else but we just went to my bil’s house to bring treats to his kids. at least, they were happy to see us, esp. soo ae.. kkk…

  4. Jerick Mac says:

    reminds me of tamiya, doraemon and takeshi’s castle! 😀

  5. Faith says:

    watching cartoon network at the cartoon network park! haha! nice park! wish we have more parks in the Phil instead of paying for playgrounds inside the malls…

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