Taekwondo at Namsan Hanok

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  1. cher says:

    your son’s taekwondo pic is so cute…kkk

  2. izzie says:

    Wow, that’s nice! 🙂 When I visited Namsangol Hanok Village, I got there a little late for the mock wedding. (Dang!) Next time I go there, I’d see to it that I watch these exhibitions.

    Love the taekwondo photo of your son. 🙂 He reminds me of my niece who is taking karate lessons and is about to change belts. I would love to attend that ceremony, but we’re an ocean apart. *Sigh* I miss that kid.

    And Ms. Betchay, may I take this opportunity to call on Filipinos residing in Korea – who have the time – to please support our national rugby team, the Philippine Volcanoes. They have a game against Korea on the 1st of June at Ansan Wa Stadium (Ansan, Gyeonggi-do). These guys have been Pacific-Area, Division 3, and Division 2 champions (consecutively). This time they’re in Division 1 with Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. The team members (most are half-Pinoys – pretty much like the Azkals) have chosen to play for the team and represent our country – at their own expense and does it for love of the sport and of country. These guys have been making us proud, so please let’s give some love back by attending the game and cheering for these peeps. It’s gonna be hometown game for the Koreans – you guys pretty much know how it feels to have the need for support from our kababayans when in foreign land. So I hope you find the time. And the heart. And the looove. 😉

  3. stoneisland says:

    wow,such beautiful, i never see that before,
    all your post have nice pictures.keep checking future!!!!

  4. shie says:


    wow! go pinoys!

    if i were rich i’d definitely send a financial support. when i still had my business years ago i also supported a basketball team in my father’s hometown when they solicited for the uniforms. win or lose, it doesn’t matter. what’s important is that the youngsters are spending time on worthwhile things rather than getting themselves into developing bad habits. talagang gano’n – may panalo, may talo.

    @ms. betchay

    i enjoyed watching the video. i found myself clapping and carried away almost giving a kick in the air. i posted the link in my fb. my 2 nephews, who are both into karatedo & aikido, will surely get excited to see this.

    this video showing different exhibitions will inspire those who are into this sport to work harder. but am certain that even those who are not into this stuff might consider enrolling soon. look at the smooth and accurate moves. they are right. karate and other related sports need strong discipline. it really shows while i was watching the video.

    • izzie says:

      @shie: Go Pinoys, indeed! 🙂 One can’t help but admire the dedication of the Philippine Volcanoes. Many of the players come home from their “other motherland” – they take leave from their work, studies, etc. – whenever a game is up, to represent our country in international rugby competitions. (Some of them were even made to choose between representing their “other motherland” and the Philippines to play rugby for and they chose to represent us.) They even offer free rugby clinics for the youth in the Philippines.

      If I have money to spare I’d chip in for the team too. 🙂 However, what they need the most right now is moral support. So, if you guys have time to spare, let’s go and cheer for them at Ansan Wa. 😉

  5. Faith says:

    i love the pictures and the videos! and the little jins are so cute. I also like watching taekwondo tournaments whenever I can! Their exhibitions are really exciting!

  6. elyoka says:

    Ms. Betchay! I love your blog more and more! It is so informative and even though I am far away from Korea your blog gives me a feeling of closeness with Seoul. Thank you!

  7. chicsassymom says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay! Those are great action shots! 🙂 Your site is a must visit everyday. Pls. continue to share the beautiful Korean culture to the world. 🙂 Best Regards!

  8. suppledexplorer says:

    Thanks betchay! well see to it to include this in our list of IT.

  9. akishta says:

    Ms. Betchay, I do love your blog. This is the only blog I’m satisfied with when it comes to Seoul/S. Korea. Since I’m a KPOP followers and want to travel to Seoul some day, I’ve learned a lot about it especially your info on visa and etc. I even make a listings where to go to Seoul based on what i read in your blog (funny isn’t it?). I’ve told my friends about it and they liked it too! Keep it up and more power!!!

  10. Jerick Mac says:

    ahahah! akala ko totoo.. isinuot lng pla ang ulo.. btw, nice program!

  11. Ally says:

    I loved that show! Does anyone know where the music came from? I really liked the way it accompanied the performance – especially the slow, romantic parts. If anyone has any idea where I can obtain that music please let me know!

  12. Chachie says:

    I really love this sport!..I remember when I’m still in pre-school, my dream before is to enroll in any martial arts training school. That’s my biggest dream before that I really didnt expect that would come true. Fortunately, I joined Taekwondo Class when I was already in 3rd year High School. I trained a lot, and I always enjoyed our training very even though it’s very tiring. I became the team captain of our team, also i was a varsity player in our school before. When I graduated High Shool I was awarded as an “Athlete of the Year”. It was really a great experience for me!.:)

    Thanks for this blog of your’s Ate Betchay, I was able to share my great experience here!. Love Your blog site!.

    Kamsahamnida! Take care and God Bless! :))

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