Spring give-away: BYJ memorabilia

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  1. elyoka says:

    Rain!!!!! I am a big BIIIIIG fan of Rain!!!

  2. hanneebuff says:

    Waaah! Bae Yong Joon collectibles.

    Okay, I gotta say my favorite drama of his was Winter Sonata because that was the drama that introduced me to the world of Hallyu. Besides, I love both of his characters there, may it be the young or the mature Kang Joon-sang. His broody but good-looking character was a first for me who is used to macho guys in dramas.

    I posted this on my twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hanneebuff

  3. mari says:

    bae yong joon is one of my favorite korean actor..i love to watch winter sonata again and again, i like his pure facial expression during his acting. he’s also a good looking man..i like also the music of the drama..

  4. omma says:

    i love bae yong joon…i love the give-aways as i love your blogs… hope i can’t have hit now…i always joined blog give-away contest but i haven’t win yet:(

    I will bever forget winter sonata of course…also i have seen his movie something with “scandal” in the title…it’s a sexy film:P hehehe
    first time i saw BYJ’s behind…

  5. Camille says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay! I’m planning to go to Korea sometime this month. May alam po ba kayong lugar kung saan ako pwedeng makabili ng mga collectibles ng mga Korean idol groups at Kdramas? Salamat po.

  6. omma says:

    oopss,,, i post it in my fb account…

  7. foxylady says:

    Cyempre ang favorite ko na movie ni BYJ is “The Scandal”. It is something that I never imagined him doing, coz i’ve also known him to have this wholesome and boy next door image. Ginulat ako ni BYJ sa movie na to. πŸ™‚

    • Betchay says:

      Ako rin. I like him in “The Scandal”. Hindi lang dahil kagulat-gulat mga eksena niya pero hindi kasi mahaba ang hair niya rito.

  8. suppledexplorer says:

    of course the very first korean drama of him (BAE YONG JUN) aired here in the Philippines…Winter Sonata Endless Love 2 together with Choi Ji Wo and the late Park Yong Ha.Thanks Betchay! Sana manalo ako hehehhe

  9. antonette says:

    BYJ =) !!! i so love him! he’s not just a great actor he too is a person with a big heart for others. i first watched him in winter sonata. he was the one who introduced me to kdramas way back my college days. since then i got hooked and i never plan of letting go =)

  10. ruschele says:

    Wow!!, there’s a lot of good korean dramas, it’s nice to know that some people in the Philippines are very fanatic for there entertainment.

  11. franzeepooh says:

    I like his movie endless love 2 of which didn’t just caused me buckets of tears but introduced me to Korean dramas as well.
    though he was just a guest star in the recently concluded “dream high” … I liked it for he portrayed someone who is successful, soft yet strong character…. so BYJ

  12. lady says:

    Ms. Betchay, fan po ako ni Rain!!! Gusto ko po manalo ng Rain collectibles. ^^

  13. Tito says:

    Hi there! Are you still active with the “shop and ship” part of your blog.
    I sent you 2 emails and 2 messages.
    Sorry po at medyo atat. I know that you are busy, too.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Carisse says:

    I love BYJ in Winter Love Sonata! This started my love for all things Korean. I fell in love with the story and with BYJ himself, because it reminded me that the heart always remembers what the mind or even the will, forgets… sigh…sigh… for a hopeless romantic like me!

    I also posted the contest in my twitter account: http://twitter.com/CarisseP

    Hope I win πŸ™‚

  15. jaywoon says:

    i like BYJ in the legend, because he was legendary~^^

  16. Leny says:

    Hi Betchay,

    So surprise you’ve got BYJ memorabilia, and you’re giving it away na, so great. You know well that I’m a big fan of BYj for long time already, almost ten years. I’ve seen some of his drama and movies and even the latest one “Dream High” though his appearance was so short ‘coz he got sick. I hope I’m the lucky one for your givw away. I’ll post this in my blog, sure BYJ family will be happy to hear this.

    Thanks and have a Happy Easter,

    Love, Leny

  17. Leny says:

    I like his latest drama “Dream High” because it encourages the youngsters to pursue their dreams and successed.

    I like the legend too(TWSSG), He showed the rule of a good hearted King there.

  18. Samuel says:

    Legendary Actor. Can I Have this memorabilia too?

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