63 Building in Seoul

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  1. elyoka says:

    i’ve read that the building is actually a 60-floor not 63, is it true?

  2. suppledexplorer says:

    hmmm I wasnt able to count the no. of floors hahaha..It says that in Korea there no 4th floor?How true? Well I paid 21,000 won the last time I visit there.

    • only you says:

      yes, sort of true. they re-name the 4th floor as “F” becoz they believe that the number 4 in chinese has the same sound as the meaning of “death”.

  3. ais says:

    I will definitely include this on my next trip to Seoul. Due to limited time, I wasn’t able to drop by here. I heard it’s best to watch the sunset here cause the building just glows 🙂

  4. marlette says:

    hi. would you know where can we get discounted tickets for performances like Nanta and Fanta-stick (Fanta stick is shown at 63 Art hall, i read)? and discounted tickets for other attractions also like Everland and Lotte world.

    thanks a lot,

  5. Jee says:

    foreigners get discounts for ticket (Sea World for me)
    Made me proud,,kkkk
    The first time I get discounted.It was just always jagi ㅠ.ㅠ

  6. Marxie says:

    waaa! I want to go here to.

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