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16 Responses

  1. cher says:

    thanks betch…you’re right how i wish i can give away make-up set or a trip to korea….kkkk…but i guess it will take time…take care

  2. lady says:

    i want to win! ^^

  3. jehan says:

    oo nga i forgot to show in my blog the prizes…
    magaya nga ate betchay… kkkk

  4. elyoka says:

    thank you ladies for your give-aways. i have to confess – monthly give-aways are now not the last reason of visiting your blogs ^^

  5. Don says:

    Hello Ms. Bechay, where can I purchase your give away in case I am not be the winner ^_^.

  6. hyoeuncheong says:

    That’s so cute.
    When I went to Incheon airport, I saw that.
    Han style is awesome. kkkk
    Have a nice day.

  7. Park,Jazzy says:

    wow!!..that passport cover is really awesome! sooo love it!!! now i will add that on my list….!!

  8. Kim says:

    Omg!!! Those covers are so cute!!!

    I hope I win something one day ><

  9. Jepoi says:

    Very nice! Maka isip nga ng blog anniv gimmick.

  10. antonette says:

    super cute!!! =)

  11. Ronica says:

    y would u stop working ms betchay?=)

  12. franz says:

    last time hindi ako nakaabot sana palarin po now…try lang..

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