South Korea Scholarship for Filipino High School Graduates

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  1. anthony says:

    i still have a philippine passport, do i have to be in the philippines in order to qualify? i mean, i did good in high school and am still under 25 (and would like a vacation in korea :D)

  2. diane says:

    college grad ako pro im interested sna to study there.. strictly for high school grads lng ang qualified? salamat 🙂 i really want to visit and somehow in the future, also live there for real.. thanks again! 🙂

  3. Marix says:

    Wow! Does this happen yearly, Ate Betchay?

    My brother is only in his junior year but I bet he’s gonna be interested with this after his high school graduation. He has been studying Korean history and culture since last year and I believe this program/experience is something that he can learn so much about. 🙂

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Marix! I think this is the first time that Daewon is offering the scholarship. A lot of Korean universities are offering scholarships to foreigners to boost their ranking/rating. Hopefully, they’ll offer it again next year.

      If you know someone, please spread the word. Thanks!

  4. kevin sarion says:

    hi. can u pls help me to fill up the application. i really don’t know how. i just want to study in korea.

  5. aljon says:

    good day!
    i am interested to avail this scholarship. but the problem is i don’t know how to contact Mr. Mylo Fausto. Can you help me pls.

  6. ZCELDY says:

    i am zceldy 16 years of age, graduated high school last week, and i dont have enough money to support my studies. And i want to know how can i contact you to submitt all my documents . pls help me.and thank you verry much po….

  7. christopher says:

    good day.. I’m very interested to avail the scholarship grant in Korea.. what are those requirements in availing the scholarship?

  8. Pay says:

    Ate betchay, Ilang araw po ba matatangap reply ni mr.mylo fausto? Kasi nag email na po ako sa kanya wala pa po ako nareceive na reply..

  9. hai,good day to all.i am a graduate student of high school who wants to avail of your scholarship that you grant.
    because of the financial crisis that hindered me,and because of that i wish to apply your scholarship grant and i hope that i will be the one of the luckiest person who can avail this scholarships.

    and please send those requirements that i have to submit.

  10. hi,sir/madame a pleasant day to you!by the way I am Andy Garcia presently residing at manticao misamis oriental,Philippines.I’ve got this scholarship information from my OFW neighbor of Korea,so I tried to open your site as soon as i heard.sir/madame I am so interested with your scholarship because my parents do not have enough financial for me to send college..sir/madame i ask your heartily consideration because I am an unfortunate man,by the way I graduated last April 7 2011,and i hope that i will also be the one of lucky student to avail the said scholarship.thank you sir/madame and good day to you.GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HI!MA’AM/SIR I am mark joseph conejero residing at zone 13 manticao misamis oriental Philippines.i am a high school graduate for about 6 years,my parents do not send me to college through financial problem,i am so lucky because I heared all about this scholarship.This is truly a great opportunity for me to be a college student that i have not been encountered since I graduate in high school,ma’am/sir it is my biggest ambition to finish college and land a good job……………..please send me those requirements ma’am/sir if you think i deserve it.

  12. hi!SIR/MADAME,by the way I am andy n garcia presently residing at manticao misamis oriental philippines,I am so interested with this scholarship sir/madame,I humbly ask your heartily consideration for me to experience college because it is a big opportunity for a unfortunate student like me.Sir/madame if you think that i deserve this scholarship please send me all those requirements….THANK YOU SIR/MADAME AND GOD MAY BLESS US ALL!

  13. JOSEPH says:

    good morning sir.!
    i just want to know how to avail of this scholarship,,
    i am a fresh grad. last april 5..
    my family support is not enough to send me to school so that im wishing your scholarship so that i can proceed in college…

  14. angelmae says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,
    Annyeong hashimnikka?I’m Angelmae T. Jamodiong from Philippines at Zone-13 Manticao,Misamis Oriental.I’m 17 years old, and I graduated last March 24,2011.I’m interested to avail the scholarship grant in korea,This is my opportunity to achieve my goals in life,I am very grateful if I pursue my college studies,with your help and support,
    I Hope that you will give me a chance to avail your scholarship with your prestigious concern.
    ” Kamsahamnida”

  15. daisylyn d cruz says:

    gud day gusto ko po mag apply anu po b ung requirements tnx

  16. charize amor says:

    hello. i was also interested with this so i followed the instructions and sent an e-mail to Mr Mylo Fausto. he was quick to respond and sent me the application forms/requirements.
    if you guys are also interested, please do what the announcement says and start e-mailing Mr Fausto for the details.
    the deadline is coming.

    i was just checking if there are a lot of fellow Filipinos who are interested to apply, just like me. 🙂

  17. zeynie says:

    @charize: congrats! 🙂 I hope you can make it. Me too, I want to try this scholarship program. ^^ What are the requirements? I’ll send an email later. I am still clueless of what I will right. Do I need to send a letter of intent? 🙁

  18. eunice says:

    hello po! 4th yr highschool palang po ako ngaung 2011. and im interested na mag-apply ng scholarship sa korea next year. kung natanggap po ba ako , kailangan po ba na may passport na ako? o sila na magaasikaso ng mga kakailanganin ko?
    pls. help!

  19. jackie says:

    I already passed my application. and said that they are evaluating it. until now there’s no result given. maybe it means i failed..

  20. jackie says:

    sana we can know if we got it or not..

  21. John karl says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I know its quit late,no , not just quit but too late to inquire,
    Im karl ,17 y/old ,and graduated last year,,and my parent didn’t sent me to college because they wanted my brother to finish college first,,,then he can help me..but i don’t think i can wait that long …so just wanna try it out if its still open…

    thanks a lot

  22. michelle says:

    good day! sir&ma’am,
    I’m graduating student this coming March 2012.I want to try this scholarship program, what are the requirements and how to avail the scholarship, I’m interested in Korean language and culture but my parents not afford to sent me to Korea this will be a big opportunity for me if you given me a chance to be part of this scholarship program. 🙂 I’m hoping for your help please send me those requirements. kamsahamnida and God bless u all 🙂

  23. Mida says:

    I am very interested in this scholarship. Thank you.

  24. Meiraliz Pagal says:

    hi,i just want to know if this scholarship is true?why is the info only available thru e-mail?who is mr.fausto?do u still have this for yr 2012?

  25. crisjohn says:

    hi po. . .
    I just want to kn0w if this scholarship to korea is also available this year 2012 bcoz im so interested of availing this scholarship . .
    By the way im Crisjohn Yordan,17 yrs. Old,graduated last april 2010. . My parents did n0t send to college bcoz were lack of financial expenses. . .

    Can u help me plz?tnx

  26. cyren rendeza says:

    hello po i just wanna ask if the scholarship in korea is still available
    becuse im interested to avail for this scholarship im highschool graduate here in the philippines is this still have for 2012

    thank you and im hoping to ur responce!

  27. justine may says:

    i am also interested in this scholarship. =) i love korea..

  28. catherine joy says:

    hi po ate betchay .. hnd ko alam saan e search ang form , heheh gusto ko pong mag aral sa korea hnd lng po gusto kundi kapos din kami paano po if 1st sem ng college lng po ..? pdi po ba yun ?? visit nlng po kayo sa fb ko .. tapos wala pakong mga alam2 sa visa eh .. help me naman po !!

  29. catherine joy says:

    hnd ko kasi alam kung kailan kayo mag o-online dito eh ..

  30. genisse reville says:

    Hi I’m Genisse from Phil. Science High School. I just want to ask if they still offer scholarships in Korea, because I really want to grab a scholarship there. I want to study Architecture.

  31. mark louie maturan says:

    what are the diffrent requirements for this schalarships?

  32. mark louie maturan says:

    how can i have an application form for this schalarships

  33. wilmer juntado says:

    hoping more scholarship be offered to undergrad. SAyang huli ako

  34. ask if there will be scholarship to be offered soon.the requirements also.

  35. i wish i will be the president scholar . because i want to go to Korea to study and to pursue my dreams . I’am from Philippines , i want to study in your country . i want to know your culture and i am interested to your beautiful place .and to know your language . thank you sir i hope i can go to Korea 🙂
    Frances Lois Ocampo

    plssssssssssssssssssssssss i want to korea ‘\i’am 15yrs old plss i want o go to korea

  36. Rocel giray says:

    This is still working?thanks in advance for the answer..

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