2011 Cherry Blossoms Festivals in Korea

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  1. Simon says:

    We’ve been to the one in Bucheon. Really quite nice. Supposedly the one in Yoido is fantastic.

  2. hanneebuff says:

    It’s amazing how Korea and Japan can predict the day when the cherry blossoms will bloom. I’ve read somewhere that Korea is getting warmer that’s why the days when the flowers were supposed to bloom shortened. It’s not only for cherry blossoms but for the other plants as well like ginko(?) trees.

  3. cha says:

    wla pa ba sa Cherry blossom festival sa Incheon? hehe

  4. xiandi says:

    Ate betchay..

    I’m already excited to know the 2012 schedule of Cherry Blossom hoping that it coincides our travel..

    Thank you so much I always check your blog now on a weekly basis very informative 🙂

  5. darzkim says:

    What is the schedule of the Cherry Blossom Festival for 2012 to some S.Korea cities/town?

    salamat po.

  6. Merrill Janac says:

    I am planning a romantic getaway in South Korea and would like more information about the Cherry Blossom Festival held at Jinhae this coming year( 2012), thank you .

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