Gu Hye Sun before surgery?

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  1. justine says:

    I think nothing is wrong with plastic surgery, in this day and age where people both men and women want to look good, but be sure your doing it for you and not for somebody else. But having been accused to have so especially if it’s not true is a different thing, its like your mocking someone else’s looks and making fun of his/her appearance.
    just wan to share. 🙂
    By the way po ate I’ve sent you an email about my order/favor. 🙂 hope you read it soon. God bless

  2. Jen says:

    You’re right justine. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with it as long u will not change entirely your whole face. Enhancement okay na yun. As long as u have the guts and money to do it. GO! ^_^
    Anyway, te betchay…what products are u usually selling? I live in Pyeongtaek city.

  3. ilikemandu says:

    I don’t have anything against plastic surgery. It is just annoying to see people, who had something done deny being nipped and tucked. Who are they kidding?

    Besides, these people who get plastic surgery to look ‘perfect’ have serious issues. Why can’t they accept that they weren’t born with perfect nose bridges or almond eyes? You are just fooling yourself. Tanggapin mo di ka pinanganak na perfect. It is no different from cheating in an exam and getting praises for it; totally undeserving. Back in college, I wanted to get a higher grade in Calculus so I studied until my brain bled. I got a good mark, not an excellent one. I never cheated. I just accepted that I would never get an A+ in Math coz I am not a genius.

    Koreans are into their looks to a grave fault.

    • Nialeeshi says:

      I agree with you, I see artists who were perfect with their imperfections that made them special and end up looking like wax dolls, some even have issues creating facial expressions. I respect their choice and wish everybody the best, It just looks really strange sometimes. They are not the only one. All around the world people do it. Now, the industry is tough but what after? when the lights are gone and the face is unrecognizable, the pain, the psychological trauma? I wish everybody the best and keep on watching my shows. Love and peace to all.

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  5. justine says:

    u are so beautiful.

  6. …Actually Koo hye sun never been plastic surgery I’m sure by that! thank u I love koo hye sun a lot..

  7. Nialeeshi says:

    I believe that we shouldn’t speak for all others when it comes to plastic surgery. I had an uncle’s cousin who had surgery on his nose because to large in the 1990’s. It was so messed up that his French girlfriend who had pushed him to do it left him. We never saw him with his new nose, he moved back to Africa and settled in an area we never got to know. My cousin did get a nose job, she doesn’t look better and the little scars are visible. My two friends got breast augmentations, etc…
    Many Korean actors and actresses get surgery, the younger like the older generations…how do we know that??? because we have been watching them for years and their faces changed radically one piece after another, even my favorite Kim Sun Ah got surgery, and she and Bae Su Ji admitted it. It is ok. I am just worried of the side effects, people look less and less human and we can fell it.
    NOw, Ku Hye Sun never had surgery??? What are those little scars on each sides of her nose? What is the strange circle around her eyelids??? tiny surgical scars that a trained human eye or intuition lets you see.
    We don’t blame anybody, the industry is tough and many go through without really realizing the consequences and the permanent change, pressure, tough schedule and investments (management companies’!!!) often put a heavy weight on artist who need a little help to be more loved by the cameras.
    It is ok, it exists, a lot of people do it. I just love to see artists that are natural, that seem so much more human, even with their imperfection, that is where they are actually perfect.
    Skin whitening is also part of the deal, we see how the artist evolve, understand the pressure, but let’s not go all the way to lying about it.
    Kim Sun Ah and Suzy admitted it.

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