1 Night 2 Days – Foreign Workers episode

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  1. cher says:

    i cried buckets watching this episode….but it also made me wish that they would do a special episode on foreign wives in korea.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Cher! I watched the replay yesterday of the third part yesterday and I enjoyed it like last week. Foreign wives in 1박2일? Won’t that be scandalous? LOL

      • cher says:

        i watched the replay again a few hours ago and i found myself crying again, that’s how powerful the episode was…..anyway, i was thinking of having foreign wives in the show tpos grouped by country…..hahahaha….tpos eextra na tayo dun for philippines….kkkk.

  2. 4evrloyl says:

    I can’t understand the conversation as I’ve been here in Korea for only 3 months yet but my heart ached a lot when I watched this episode. It reminds me of the day I departed for Korea. I can’t help but cried when I saw my family (especially my mama and nephew) waving goodbye…

  3. malensky says:

    hello. been a lurker here for years and my first time to comment, i really enjoy your blog.

    i’m watching this right now at KBS and i’m crying buckets of tears. really heartwarming episode

  4. aya says:

    I cried alot when i watched this episode. i can’t imagine KBS made such fantastic programme. hope u’ll keep doing great. really really love KBS.

  5. Charm Teylan says:

    hi,i was browsing the net for 2days and 1 night episode and i got here..lol..maybe it was destiny?lol..i am located here in the philippines and is enjoying the show very much!i stay up late every friday night to watch the show then watch the rerun on sunday..lol..as for this particular episode,i also cried a lot watching that episode.esp with kareuki’s part (teammate of kang hodong).it’s a very heartwarming episode.i must say the show isn’t just a comdey-reality show that showcase korea’s best but a show that has a heart.kudos to director na!

    i wish to visit korea really soon!and hello to you all here..^_^

  6. Ji says:

    Such a great episode!
    So heart warming~ <3

    Does anyone know what song is being played in the background just before Sweetbox – Not Different(I Laugh, I Cry)
    This is around 25 minutes into the 1st part of this episode
    Thank you

  7. taryn says:

    well, this is one of my favorite shows of kbs.. I’m a fan

  8. leeia says:

    admires member 2d1n….

  9. leeia says:

    me from malaysia..
    i love to watching variety show or every thing about KOREA..i hope i can learn more about HANGUK…GOMAPSEUMNIDA!!

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