Gift for Seollal

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  1. elyoka says:

    is it true that socks used to be best gift for any holiday in Korea?

    • Betchay says:

      Yup. Socks are inexpensive and everybody wears a pair, especially during the cold season. Other “common” gifts are towels, toilettries and food items.

  2. kayni says:

    goodness…those gifts are expensive. those must me some special dried fish, which reminds me i need to pick up a bag of dilis here…lol.

  3. ConJins says:

    Ate B,
    yung korean pear, how do they call it?
    (gam po ba?)

  4. Len says:

    Hello Ate Betchay,

    Te, if I may ask…is it possible for me to purchase Apidexin in any local drugstores here in Korea?~

    thanks for sharing the info ~

  5. Jerick Mac says:

    hindi kaya overpriced ang beef? parang ang mahal e..

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