Korean students detained in the Philippines

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  1. jehan says:

    when they showed Cam’s school’s name a few nights ago (on SBS), i suddenly remembered 2 Korean women who showed me pictures of a language school back home having the same name. i now wonder if they’re involved. last summer, i saw their ads about a summer camp and tuition was 2Mwon.

  2. shie says:


    Immigration officer-in-charge Ronaldo Ledesma said 7 Korean adults, who illegally operate the language school, facilitated the students’ illegal entry to the Philippines.

    He added that 6 of the Korean adults are also working in the country without necessary immigration permits.

    Ledesma said the 7th Korean adult, Kwang Ye Lee, is a permanent resident but his visa will be canceled for violating the conditions of his stay in the country.

    Ledesma said the 70 students and the 7 Korean adults will be deported and included in the BI’s blacklist.

    • jehan says:

      sad to hear that the 70 students will be included in the blacklist…

      • shie says:

        yes, i feel sorry for them too since according to the news most of them are minors and these minors are put in unpleasant situation. sana ‘wag masyadong harsh. kahit pa minsan eh, nakakainis ang presence nila i still want our country to treat them fairly and consider how much they are contributing to our economy.

  3. ZAM990 says:

    the annoying thing is though Korean managers are involved in the violation, many are blaming Korean students why they are studying English in a miserable place like Philippines. Nakikinabang sila sa Pilipinas and it cannot be negated that they learn better English because of Filipino teachers. The point here is sana wag silang mandaya. Nakinabang na nga sila. They are here to learn English in a low cost tapos ganyan pa sila.

  4. Jerick Mac says:

    haay. dito yan sa amin sa batangas, lemery. 1hr n byahe from batangas city. napanood ko sa tv patrol.

  1. January 17, 2011

    […] (discussed here on the Hole -Watch out Big Nose Teachers).¬†¬†According to this blogger – Buhay Sa Korea: Sandra Cam, known as the hueteng whistleblower, complained about a Korean-run English learning […]

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