Best car seat in Korea

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  1. Annp says:

    Yeah, I remember how expensive baby stuff were in Korea. Baby clothes can be hand-me-downs/second-hand since they outgrow their clothes (and shoes!) so quickly anyway. But that is interesting that infant/child car seat usage is so low in Korea. Here in the US, when I had my son, you have to leave the hospital with the baby in an infant car seat. Otherwise, they won’t let you take the baby. And use of seatbelts are strictly enforced. You can get a ticket if you’re not buckled in..”Click it or Ticket” is the ad campaign to remind motorists to buckle their seatbelts.

  2. cher says:

    oh the CAR SEAT……i’ve had a couple of arguments with my MIL because of the car seat….she would always insist that it’s ok not to use the car seat but i refuse to put the safety of my child at risk…tsk tsk tsk

  3. R says:

    #6 would be Guardian.

  4. Jerick Mac says:

    whew! grabe. carseat p lang e several hundred thousands won n.. mejo mahal nga pla jan…

  5. Mary-Ann says:

    We will be visiting Korea with our infant twins later this year. I just booked the flights a couple of hours ago, and started researching what to do about car seats!

    It’s unthinkable not to have car seats here in Canada… Now that I’ve booked the flights with our children sitting on our laps, what do I do with the car seats?
    Has anyone travelled to Korea, or travelled abroad with the car seats?

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Mary-Ann! The law on car seats here is not strictly enforced.

      I’ve traveled from the US to Korea with a car seat. The airline will provide you with a plastic bag to put the car seat in. You won’t need to pay extra as it is part of the baby’s luggage.

  6. gi says:

    Does anyone know if the regulations for Korean car seats are as high or higher than the U.S.? I’m going to Korea with my toddler in a few weeks, and my cousin offered us to use one of his son’s in Korea. I’m wondering if I should bring one or use his. Thanks in advance.
    Mary-Ann, what did you end up doing?

  1. January 27, 2011

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