Former President’s Donation

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5 Responses

  1. ConJins says:

    I hope we also have the same presidents.

  2. jehan says:

    truely kingpins of their nation…

  3. Jepoi says:

    In developed countries, you see more people doing this… because without their too much money, their family can still live in comfort party due to the 101 opportunities available out there. But in countries like RP, if you lose your money, it will be difficult to live in comfort. It will be hard to find a good paying job, it will be difficult to establish a small enterprise, it will be difficult to secure the future of your family. Hopefully come 2050, when we become developed, we can see more rich people giving up their wealth to the society…

  4. Jepoi says:

    So many of our kababayans, pag nakaranas ng comfortable life, ayaw ng mawala pa yun. We see many Filipina for example doing everything they can to marry foreigners so they can escape lack of opportunities back home and to secure their future. We see our rich politicians, continuously clinging to power so they can continue to live in comfort and secure their family’s future. Even Cory, when she died, never donated a significant amount of her wealth to a worthy cause… why? of course she wanted her kids to have a SECURED future in a country where everything is still a matter of fate. Now we see why these billionaires can’t give up Hacienda Luisita in favor of the lowly farmers. ^^

  5. Jerick Mac says:

    anlupet naman ng pres n iyan. hehehe. parang kabaliktaran saten e, sa halip na magdonate e nangungulimbat.. 🙄

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