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  1. venus says:

    Can I have it po?..^^

  2. jehan says:

    ate Betchay, can i have it instead? ^,^

    this is definitely a good program. been bugging Alex to check for programs or trainings like this but he’d just say “kamaysaba”
    it’s really important to be knowledgeable of these, esp. that we are quite far to the nearest hospital or clinic. unlike in bupyeong before, children’s clinics and hospitals were everywhere… just walking distances from our old place…

  3. cher says:

    gosh had the same problem with google and blogger…finally i can view ur blog too

  4. jehan says:

    thank you very much ate Betchay…

  5. venus says:

    Thank you Miss Betchay! so excited!!

  6. ping says:

    Hi miss Betchay! I really envy you ^^…I wish we could also live in Korea with my Husband but I still need to be here in the Philippines with our baby. I guess I could not have that chance anymore since he opted to live here with me instead by next year. But I’m really glad I was able to find out about your blog site. It’s very helpful especially that I’m so interested about Korea. I will keep on visiting your site. More powers to you and Merry Christmas! ^^

  7. Jerick Mac says:

    abot pa ba????? can i have it??

  8. Bev says:

    Here’s is really another big example of the difference in the way of living between PHP and ROK. Two thumbs up for this post. 🙂

    Although my question is a bit off topic, can you please share how do school kids manage their bags and books whenever they go to school? My kid has just started 1st Grade in here in PHP, where trolley bags are so ubiquitous, and the issue of the bag that he would use came up. Korean hubby insists that kids can do fine with backpacks just as Koreans do (during his time.) Just wondering if it’s still the same case now coz I really didn’t notice it much a couple of years ago when we used to live there. (Or maybe I just forgot .T.)
    How is it nowadays?

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