Maggie and Victor

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  1. jehan says:

    just a couple of days ago, i was also wondering why her name’s the no.1 searched or trending on yahoo!ph until i read the article about it and watched the video…
    reaction? it was more on the lusty side for me, not something that looks like they’re really so in love that they can’t get their hands or eyes off each other. but i know they don’t care, it’s their wedding anyway. kkk

  2. shie says:

    ok naman sya. pero sana ung pagka-video dapat yung parang sa mga commercials na di halata yung mga pimples. i’d definitely go for a much wilder video kung ganito ka-hot ang groom-to-be ko. lol

  3. Bot says:

    Hope they keep that excitement for a long time! Nice memento for how they were before the wedding!lol!

  4. issa says:

    with all that movement, her hair behaved underwater.
    above water my hair can’t even stay NOT frizzy for 3 minutes.

    not fair. 🙁

  5. areej says:

    ate betchay! maggie wilson used to by my schoolmate back in jeddah.. she was a year higher than me.. never expected her to be this sexy though..

  6. Jumong says:

    I actually liked it. But to be honest, swanget ng groom (for me).
    Maggie is so hot ^_^

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