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  1. elyoka says:

    thank you for the info! i have already registered and submitted my answers. it is indeed very easy. though i did not get the way of appling more than once =( i tried once but was rejected as my answers were already submitted.

  2. CHARI says:


  3. Maria says:

    I can’t register….T.T
    please help!

  4. foxylady says:

    nakapag register ako pero once lang ako nakapag-submit ng answers. the second time that i tried doing it, ni-reject na nya. sana manalo ko. hehe!

  5. ghee says:

    hi, i’m one of the winners but i accidentally deleted the emails because i think they were on my Spam folder. can anyone help me? do you know the email address of the organizer of this event so i can inform them? 🙁

  6. Katrin says:

    OMG Im one of the winners of digicam pero i am not receiving their notifying email omggggg pano po yun? T_T sayang naman kung di ko makuha 🙁

  7. Betchay says:

    Hey congratulations! Maybe you should wait until Monday. They will surely send you the emails.

  8. Queenie says:

    Hi there! I’m also one of the 2nd prize winnier for the digital camera yet I didn’t get any email notification from them too? Wonder the emails were in Junk/Spam folder and I deleted them or so? Please help! I want my new digital camera!!! Anyone have their email address which I can contact them?

  9. julie says:

    ate betchay, thanks or this..nanalo ako itunes giftcard 🙂

    ghee and queenie, nasa spam mail yung e-mail nila sa akin and they said na this friday they will again for the details of claiming the prize

  10. Jerick Mac says:

    wow naman.sayang hindi ko inabot ito.. haaaay

  11. naila kawthar says:

    i really love korea my dream is to visit seoul

  12. nurulfitri says:

    i really want to korea since i was young. i am really obsessed with their culture and language and it will be an honor for me if i get the chance to go korea and see it for myself.

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