Pinay wins a trip to Korea

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5 Responses

  1. ritchelle says:

    wow!good for her!i miss korea! i havent experience winter there! i only seen snow from korean movies. i went there on summertime. Hope me and my bestfriend can go there together!free trip!whew!

  2. Amme says:

    very blessed nman sya, sabi 2 participants who share most images will win the invitation to Korea,, so this is the result of her hardwork!!(post and post and post and post again and again and again) excellent!!.. congratulations to her..

  3. kayni says:

    good for her. i was hoping to win that contest. i hope there’ll be another one. i’d love to visit Korea.

  4. dada says:

    hi! i went to korean embassy last Monday & i met that pinay who won a free trip to korea.
    hopefully we both secure a visa. release date will be on Monday, Dec. 13

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