Honey Citron Tea for Colds

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  1. stella says:

    hi ms betchay, recently got one bottle in a korean mart here in our place. 1kilo(?) costs P220.00, it has a bit bitter taste but its ok, soothing pa. i also experience the sniffles when i come home during weekends coz our place is near tagaytay kaya nagpapalit ng klima (from the polluted manila to fresh air silang,cavite). can we use it in different ways? parang orange marmalade 🙂 is it safe to drink more than 3 cups a day?

    • Betchay says:

      hi stella! one kilo nga ata yung malaking bottle… hindi ko niche-check eh… you can use it as substitute for orange marmalade… i’ve read about that one before… you can also use it for pies or cakes or muffins…

      i drink it more than 5 or 6 times a day as a substitute for coffee (yup, i drink about 5-7 cups a day!)

  2. minami_fukowa says:

    Ms.Betchay okay ba na inumin yan pag may allergic rhinitis? problema ko kc ung rhinitis ko eh. Thanks!

  3. ritchelle says:

    helow!im a reader of ur blog…pero ngayon lng po ako ngcomment, kc ngayon lng po ako ngkaron ng own blog…also love n love ko po ang korea…nkakamiss lalo kapag ngbbsa ng mga posts nyo….posts more info!

  4. stella says:

    hi ms betchay! wow, 5 to 7, well that is not bad. actually for me ok yan 🙂 you’re right better than coffee if you have sniffles though…love ko din ang coffee, kapeng barako 🙂 nothing beats that

  5. jeanette s. says:

    i have one bottle in my home also, i drink it kahit walang colds kc it taste really good. i bought it kc nacurious lang ako, i didnt know its good for colds initially. ano pang marerecommend mo ms betchay na mabibili sa korean grocer, kc sometimes i dont know what to buy naman except for kimchi, pancake powder, ice cream, sea weeds, ginseng pack for cooking chicken ginseng (ang sarap) etc.

  6. myriam cid says:

    where can i buy @ p220/bottle/kilo? pls give me the name of the korean store pls??? i have allergies and everytime its hot that goes my coughing. i tried drinking and my cough is gone and can sleep well.

  7. Marife says:

    Hi!! Love this!! meron din ibang klase, ginger tea 🙂 mahal dito mga 10€/bottle 500ml

  8. eka says:

    hi, just stumble ur blog during my search of yujacha, its kinda hard to found one in indonesia’s supermarket and i kinda wonder what brand is the most delicious one since i heard every brand has its distinct flavor, i’d like to know which one has the sweet yet little sour flavor since i had difficulty with bitter taste *who doesn’t right?* thanks ^^

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