Ready for the cold weather?

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5 Responses

  1. jehan says:

    ang hirap nga bumangon kanina.. then when we went out for the flea market day, sobrang lamig na kaya nagmadali din lang kami umuwi agad, hehe..

    sana maabutan pa namin autumn foliage sa gangwondo. mid nov. naman nakuha ni alex na leave…

  2. kayni says:

    our weather here is nuts. there are nights it’s biting cold then warm the next day. my body is having a hard time adjusting.

  3. Barry H says:

    Man I couldn’t believe how hard the winters in Korea are. In Britain complaining about the weather is a national sport, but we don’t have anything like the snow you get!

  4. eden says:

    Not quite. Not seeing the sun for a day is so depressing. Haha

  5. Jerick Mac says:

    dito din sa pinas eh gumiginaw na din. since nasa province kami, mas masarap ang ganitong klima. pero gusto ko ring maranasan klima sa korea. hehehe.

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