The Story of King Sejong and Hangeul Day

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  1. karla says:

    in my 23 years of existence living in angeles city,i don’t know how to speak a silent reader of your blog.please continue posting of the beautiful places in korea you’ve been to

  2. Annp says:

    Park din pala last name ng hubby mo. Are you now using Park for your married last name? I read somewhere in your blog before that it’s not (?) easy to change a married woman’s last name in Korea. I know that Korean women don’t change their last names after getting married. I only found that out after getting married and moving to Korea. But since we got married in the Phiippines, I already assumed hubby’s last name after our marriage and before moving to Korea. I had my passport amended to carry my married last name and I’ve changed all my ID’s (PRC ID, driver’s license, SSS ID) to my maried name. It would be a headache to undo everything if we get divorced! (hehehe…)

    • Annp says:

      Ay, am I right? Did I read your son’s writing correctly? Park nga ba…kasi parang “ki-yeok’ is facing the other way??? 🙂

      • Betchay says:

        Hi Ann. Yup, our last name is Park. “Our” because I already changed my name. My son could write his name but when I asked him about the calligraphy, he said it’s “style”.

  3. Jerick Mac says:

    wow! ang ganda ng exhibit! favorite ko pa naman ang hangul….

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