Visiting a Korean doctor

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4 Responses

  1. Tonee says:

    Get well soon… drink your meds…
    wanting to win it…but I can wait for the SOLAR contest result until you’re okay… ^__^

    BTW, in Korea ~ are those leaves from work (SLs and VLs) converted to cash when not used at all?? just curios…ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. jaz says:

    betch….ask your doctor to remove the meds, which causes drowsiness, from your lunch meds. ^^

  3. madzda samain says:

    wow! love d way he did his prescription.. want to do that here in the phils when I will practiced my med na..hihi nway, cold remedies or antihistamines can make u drowsy or sleepy as side effect..cnt help not to comment.. ask him to give u one that does not bother ur work.. pagaling po kayo!! >>>an avid fan reader

  4. Jerick Mac says:

    “He said he would feel guilty staying at home while his co-workers are at work.”

    grabe ang passion sa trabaho.

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