Another “Win a trip to Korea”

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  1. paula says:

    I joined this contest and I’m currently in 3rd place, hope they’l upload more photos so I can be on top. ^_^ BTW, I send an email to you regarding the tracking number of my package and the shipping fees, kindly reply. Thanks.

  2. zero says:

    hey guys~
    still calling via crappy ‘call card’ to the Philippines?
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    On any mobile phone ( KT, LG Telecom, SK Telecom …) or KT landline:

    00345 + countrycode (PH = 63) + areacode + phonenumber

    call your family, friends for as long as you want ^^

  3. hello i want to go to korea.. is this true? if it is.. i preciously want to join here.. my dream is to be there.. someday.. gomawo thank you for having this site to share it..

  4. Jerick Mac says:

    tapus na ba yung pangalawang contest?

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