Inverted Philippine flag at the US-Asean Summit

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8 Responses

  1. issa says:

    oh no! sana naiayos.
    ang alam ko rin, our flag is the only one that has the “war and peace” meanings depending on how it is raised. maybe the organizers overlooked it. (or they thought we’re on war or something. ha!) wala rin kayang nakapansin sa mga Phil delegations?

  2. Jepoi says:

    This happened to me last year, too… when I represented the Philippines in an international conference. See this:

  3. Maybe its an honest mistake.


  4. alex says:

    pangit nmn ng nagyari… major major problem… tsk…tsk…tsk…

    hi ms. betchay, musta n po orders ko? reply nmn po kayo.

  5. malarya says:

    its nice bieng honest to represent our philippine flag in asean world country

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