Banana Vinegar Diet

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  1. Jerick Mac says:


    ok yang banana vinegar na yan ah! totoo kaya yan? itinatry nio na po ba?

  2. Jepoi says:

    Very nice pasalubong!

  3. Amme says:

    i think i should try that one, thanks for sharing, nung nag aaral pako dati sa Japan, nagkakaubusan ng saging dun kasi uso nagpapayat, every morning they will eat two bananas then 1 litre of bago to.. pero tignan natin pano kung gawin ko to, pero kasi i do a lot of exercise, its gonna be hard for me to determine if thats diet really works.

  4. Des says:

    Hi Mommy, will try it out!…will let you know! 🙂

  5. etandoc says:

    in the Philippines, Laing is so delicious, you’ll lose your diet.

  6. Bea says:

    are you suppose to eat anything else besides that banana/vinegar mixture? haha i’m thinking of trying it out!

    • Betchay says:

      you only need to eat the pickled banana before a meal… so yea, you can have your meal… i’m currently drinking black rice vinegar for my high blood pressure

  7. foxylady says:

    meron akong alam na diet drink na ginamit ni Beyonce prior to her doing the Dream Girls movie nya, organic grade b maple syrup mixed with water, juice of lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper. sabi ni Ms.Karen Davila effective daw kasi cya iniinom din daw nya yun pang detoxify din kasi cya. gusto ko i-try kaso wala akong makitang organic na grade b maple syrup.

    • Betchay says:

      ang mahal ng maple syrup dito… yung SIL ko binigyan ako ng black vinegar drink… pampababa daw ng blood pressure… okay naman siya

  8. Eden says:

    Ma try nga. Nasubukan mo na ate? Anung lasa?

  9. cons says:

    Diet is good for losing weight,but it doesnt work alone. Maybe there’s a quick way of losing pounds with diet but i assure you it’s risky especially on your health. whatever diet you have there,combine it with cardio exercises. It works for me,it works for many people and I’m sure it works also for you…goodluck

  10. Le says:

    i didn’t know you were suppose to have vinegar in the diet as well….or maybe it’s different banana diets. the one i’ve heard of and am trying right now is also a japanese banana diet. you eat up to 4 bananas in the morning (breakfast) and then you eat normally for lunch and dinner. ^^ anyways just wanted to tell ya 😛 haha

  11. Vinegar is great for losing fat because it drives the consumed carbohydrates into the muscles and not into the fat cells.

  12. awie says:

    i tried it just awhile ago it tasted like wine.binigyan ako ng mom ng student ko.And one of my students lost like 10 lbs in a matter of 2 months i guess.SHe told me about this earlier but i didn’t bother…but upos seeing the result,i guess there’s no harm in trying,i might benefit instead.

  13. leigh says:

    Yes. exectly right.
    I started 2months ago. But actually black sugar is more effectable than blown sugar. and also balsamic sugar is the best.
    So anyway I lose weight about 8kgs. now my weight is just 42kg. The height is 160cm.
    It is really good. if you want to be fit. just try this.

  14. wilbert says:

    may tanong lang ako, may gumagawa ba ng banana vinegar sa pilipinas? curious lang po ako, kasi kailangan naming mag research tungkol dun?

  15. reno carlo says:

    kami.. gumagawa kami ng sariling banana vinegar sa bahay lang.. yung natural juice nya iniinom namin. matamis pero parang alak na pag tumagal.. nakakalasing ng kunti ang effect kapag parang suka na ang lasa at tapang..

  1. September 8, 2010

    […] diet this week. Say, starting from Wednesday (for 2 weeks before I leave to Korea). Its called the banana vinegar diet and its basically a diet fad in Japan and Korea at the moment and apparently, a Japanese actress […]

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