Jang Geun Suk Fan Meeting

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  1. tin says:

    How do you get the ticket Ms. Betchay? Thanks

  2. paula says:

    WOW, I wish I can go too! *sigh*

  3. ica says:

    i like this movie and I idolized older brother who geonseok oppa saranghae…………… imisss u ………………..when do you come from in indonesia…………… i wait you come in oppa ………… see you letter……… ^_^ ^^<

  4. Rosie says:

    JGS fan ka rin pala! (so happy!)
    You should go…so you can share with us
    the fanmeet happenings ^_* (fan girl mode)
    Well, noong pumunta sa Manila ang FT Island
    di ko kinaya yung ticket prices nila…pero mukhang
    madami pa ring teens ang bumili… iupdate mo
    kami sa loveteam nila ni Park Shin Hye…lol!

  5. asnie says:

    i’m also a JGS fanatic!
    I wish I can attend the said fan meeting but unfortunately I’m here in Philippines far from KOREA….
    sayang birthday ko pa naman sa september 5.
    it’s such a wonderful gift if i’ll be able to watch.

  6. hanneebuff says:

    I love Jang Geun Seuk ever since Hwang Jin Yi. hehe! If I were in Korea during that date, I would definitely watch but right now, I could only just wait and pray that he will have a fanmeeting here in the Philippines.

  7. ais says:

    I hope you can drop by there.. his FMs are the best among the korean stars I’ve been following.. he has bursting energy and multi-talented as well…. and that smile, it just kills me =)

  8. Des says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay, wow I’m also an Eel! Haha 🙂 that’s what he calls his fans!:-) I saw Beethovern Virus too! I love it! It’s like my Glee Korean Version…he’s really talented! You can really see his versatility iin acting out his roles in Beethoven Virus & You’re Beautiful! 🙂 Oh how wish I can just pack my things and go there…haha, I’m a noona to him na! 🙂 But watching Kdramas makes me remember how good it is to be young,fabulous and in love! 🙂 …so much drama in our reality, it’s good be in FANtasy land! 🙂

    • chez says:

      hi des. nice to know that i’m not the only noona fan of JKS. actually i’m an ahjumma. 🙂 i’m an addict of kdramas. just like you, they make my heart young. 🙂 how i really wished i was there yesterday for his FM..at the moment i am waiting impatiently for the photos and news about that FM..i hope he would consider coming here in he phil..i will work night and day just to be in font of his FM here. :))

      • Betchay says:

        hi chez! i know a lot of ajummas in their 50s who are kdrama addicts. i even met one whole family who are kdrama fans… the mom and the dad are fans of Bae Yong Joon while their two daughters are fans of JJH

  9. miley says:

    love jgs.i watched all his dramas and movies..wish i’m in korea so i could attend his fan meeting…lol but too far away to do that.sigh…

  10. Jerick Mac says:

    parang andaming bagong artista ang napapadagdag sa korea araw araw ah…?

  11. Nanz says:

    Hi there po! Been reading this blog for quite some time now and a silent lurker here 🙂 Thanks so much for the blog, I’ve learned so many things about living in Korea. And I am just so happy that you also love JGS!!! Sukkie, as we international eels call him. Sana nga he can also go here to the Philippines……Been to his SG FM and it was so much fun. It was my first fangirling experience (I am an ahjumma na hehehe)…. Looking forward to more news on JGS!!! Many thanks again for all the blog posts!!

  12. cris says:

    thanks for posting something about JGS. tulad ng ibang nag comment akala ko din hindi mo gusto si JGS kasi puro LMH ang madalas mo ma-feature dito. sana po makapunta kayo. para ma-share nyo samin kung madami tao. hahaha!

    • Betchay says:

      hindi ko nga masyado type si LMH pero lagi ko kasi nakikita… mas gusto ko si JGS… siguro makakapunta ako sa labas… tapos try ko bumili ng merchandise kung pwede

  13. aiza says:

    Hi! Betchay..i hope makapunta q dyn sa korea..im fan also JGS i want to see him someday..hehehe,how pala makapunta dyn sa korea,ano kailangan ko kunin or process gusto ko tlaga pumunta dyn s korea..ska dami ko n nlaman about korea..hehehe.ms betchay plz help me nman..thanks godbless

  14. Rita (Tarits) says:

    Hi Ana – could you comment on my favorite Ju Jihoon? He did a wonderful job in VOL musical play which is still on till around the end of October. I am just wondering if you have some “feel” of the perception of korean fans. Jihun is really my favorite and also EunHye. Thanks for whatever you can share to me.

  15. aiza says:

    ms betchay un 2 cd ba ng youre beautiful..A.N Jell nandun un kanta ni jeremy ky park shin nye un kinanta nya sa bus scene cla? nkita ko kc un online shop mo..nkita ko un cd album nila plan q bumili nd cd nila..plz response

  16. aisyah says:

    ow.. I like Jang Geun Suk.. I hope you will visit my country.. Indonesia.. its my pray every night… you very Handsome….

  17. jess says:

    LOVE JGS XD hope you visit philippines ^_^

  18. gmei says:

    i love hyung-nim! he’s so nice and cute and funny and hot! 😀 saranghe sukkie.
    guys, i’d be happy to be of friends to anyone having the same interest as mine. you can search my email and add me on my facebook account or email me on my yahoo mail.
    salamat po ms. betchay. 😀

  19. zia says:

    i really love JGS! hope to see him, here in the philippines :))

  20. jernieann says:

    hello! a sukkie here! i’m happy to have found JGS fans here! i sOooo love him.. let’s just keep our fingers crossed na matuloy nga talaga FM nia dto sa philippines!haay sana talaga.. thank ms. betchay for featuring him in your blog, lifelong dream ko na po talaga makapunta dyan sa Korea eh..hehe. I ALSO LOVE KDRAMAS! <3

  21. apple says:

    Oh my gosh!!i really really love jang geun suk..hehehe!!he’s so cute!!ahmm..can you please tell me if he has a fans club here in the philippines?..’coz i’m so eager to join it..

  22. farah says:

    it’s not a beat deal about the price..it just a normal price..i spend 100.000 in a one day..so dat is not a problem..but the problem is how can i get there? Korea have a cold climate so im not allowed to visit the country..my body can’t support in the cold..huhuhu i wish he can come here to me

  23. yumyum says:

    Please VOTE!!
    YAHOO!! ASIA BUZZ AWARDS 2010 is here again. Please vote for Jang Keun Suk

  24. alex says:

    hi miss betchay! do you have any facebook account or yahoomail account?? ive got lots of questions for you :)) i hope im not a disturbance.. Godbless! hope to hear from you soon!

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