Scene in Seoul: Under the bridge

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  1. jehan says:

    haay, kahit ganito man lang sana kalakas or “lalim” yung tubig ng overhyped na “valley” sa ganghwa e sobrang natuwa sana ako, hehe… i expected i could dip my body in cool water pero hanggang sakong lang pala lalim..

    last june when we went to buy curtains at dongdaemun, under the bridge near the shopping centers (across the street of bookstores) ko sya hinintay while he looked for a (km) bank… he promised we’d return for a picnic pero na-busy na rin…

  2. Hanneebuff says:

    I do hope we’ll also be able to do this but we’re going on autumn. As usual, us Filipinos are not used to the cold. hehe!

  3. Golden says:

    Looks fun!

    Lots of love,

  4. Kia says:

    Nakakatuwa naman ito, parang Pilipinas lang under the bridge. Malinis nga lang dito at recreational area talaga. πŸ™‚

  5. albergal says:

    kung sa pinas yan matagal ng ukupado ng slum dwellers and you can imagine how dirty it would have become. sad to say pinas is a nation of slobs

  6. celine says:

    the place is so cool…I must have to set time for me to go there..I hope I could..One of the great places that mustn’t be missed..

  7. foxylady says:

    kung ganyan din sana yung mga ilalim ng tulay dito sa Pinas, eh di ang sarap maglublob lalo na pag ganitong mainit. haaay…

  8. ejay1 says:

    koreans always say that Philippines reminds them of what Korea used to be…man if korea can improve to this…how come philippines can’t

    only if we took in some of korea’s values and culture we could improve…heh heh

  9. Jerick Mac says:

    wow na naman. walking pla kau nyan. bale, nagphoto walk ka ate.. πŸ˜€

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