Scene in Seoul: Subway mini-concert

A regular scene every Tuesday night at Guro Digital Station is a mini-concert staged by amateur and professional performers. Last week, it was this Mexican group that played songs from their home country. I enjoyed their music that I stayed for about 15 minutes – I was going home from work and I would’ve stayed longer if my husband wasn’t waiting for me. A box is placed a few feet in front of the performers where the audience could drop a thousand won or more. At one time, there was a disabled performer who played the guitar and sang a couple of Korean love songs. I don’t usually carry cash and I always listen and watch my DMB player. However, sometimes when you’re tired from work it is invigorating to listen to some good old live music.

2 thoughts on “Scene in Seoul: Subway mini-concert

  • November 3, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    Very interesting and nice to listen on this! It decreases the stressed of people coming from work. Looking forward to go on Seoul too I love their musics! I wish amateur performers like them will soon be seen and heard on big stage like in Araneta!


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