Awkward moments

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  1. sarangyo says:

    ^__^ i’m a frequent lurker here. bet you’re son is good looking and well mannered any mother would really be proud. got to agree on how you feel…strange isn’t it…

  2. Tita Bot says:

    Oh, I miss Seong-gyu! He is so cute!

  3. febriedethan says:

    Hi, I can understand your awkward moments, I’m not Korean but maybe it’s common for elder Korean people to do that to young kids (give money, etc), it’s kind of generosity, because in my culture in Indonesia, sometime our elder do the same too, like treat your kids some cakes or give money to them, I don’t expect their money but it’s not polite to refuse it, it’s just a cultural differences I think.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing this, I really enjoy your site 🙂
    .-= febriedethan´s last blog ..Obin – The Cloth Maker from Indonesia =-.

  4. cher says:

    @Anyway, the lady told me that my son doesn’t look “mix” and that he looked like a pure Korean. What should one say in that situation? Thank you?

    ——-I ALWAYS get that same observation when it comes to my little ZACH(some would even say LUCKILY he looks very Korean)….my reply would always be a VERY awkward smile that comes with a thought “SO WHAT?” , and what makes it even more awkward is when Koreans look at my face and say I look like a Korean despite being a FILIPINO(they say aren’t Filipinos a little bit darker?)….that’s why my son doesn’t look “MIX”…..argh!!!! I’m out of awkward replies that comes with that…..kkkk
    .-= cher´s last blog ..REASONS and EXCUSES =-.

  5. albergal1012 says:

    feel same way talking to a pinoy with my heavily accented minalin english mispronouncing the letter h been the butt of jokes many times. the most awkward question regarding my child was “why is your son handsome?” i couldnt place it.

  6. eden says:

    Hope we can see the magazine. 🙂 I guess they forget about the dominant and recessive genes.
    .-= eden´s last blog ..White Night [Korean Movie] =-.

  7. wendy says:

    hey, betch. i’m back!!! got to see you all soon. i’d love for all of you to meet baby dynamo. seong-gyu must be big now.
    .-= wendy´s last blog ..To Seoul We Go =-.

  8. kayni says:

    will you post the magazine? i hope so. i think your son will be cute :).
    .-= kayni´s last blog ..A Piece Of My Mind =-.

  9. arvinsign says:

    “doesn’t look “mix” and that he looked like a pure Korean”
    — its an obvious showcase of pride on the purity of their ethnicity. Mixed ones (esp SEAsians), are always perceived to be inferior. A modern day eugenics.

    Try to tell any Korean that they physically resemble a typical Filipino, and they will feel denigrated. For most of them, the Filipino ethnicity or any trace of it is a joke. Ask the Kophino children regarding their experiences.

  10. arvinsign says:

    Yeah i’ve heard that, though im skeptical about it. Their claim to homogeneity (maybe) is true (give or take 10-15% of the population have mixed genes) . Especially if you will compare the degree of genetic relatedness among citizens of this country (or Japan) to a country such as the Philippines, or USA. In that sense, Korea will surely look homogeneous.

    So far this is the the authority as far as diversity and homogeneity of Asians is concerned;326/5959/1470

  11. jing says:

    Another lurker here. I too live abroad, but in NA. Different ethnicities, even my own Pinoys, would mistaken me for a non-Pinoy. Most of the time I pardon others.. I mean to non-Asians all Asians look alike. I myself can’t distinguish a Dutch from an English… But when it’s a fellow Pinoy, I don’t just feel awkward, I either feel offended or sad. Everyone assumes, even Filipinos, that if you’re just a bit lighter, you’re mixed. Someone had to make sure and ask me if one of my great grandparents were either Chinese or Spanish… I said no so they responded, “why do you have light skin?” =/

  12. Jill says:

    wow..your son must be ssoooo adorable. He has good manners…which I’m sure he learned from his parents.

  13. drsnowmon says:


    “the most awkward question regarding my child was “why is your son handsome?” i couldnt place it”

    It’s not actually a form of direct question. I guess it’s a cultural thing but what she/he was actually saying was same as when you or your husband is talking to your baby saying “How did you become so handsome?” It’s not a question you can answer, it’s just simply a compliment =)

  14. she who travels says:

    well I actually notice that a mixed-child/red from a filipina/o they [most often than not] look more handsome/beautiful than ordinary..

  15. Rickspot says:

    hehehe. sya pla ang son mo.. ryt?
    .-= Rickspot´s last blog ..GIMP for Windows Free Download | Alternative for Photoshop =-.

  16. Sasha says:

    Just something I noticed, is that it is very common for Koreans to give money to children. It’s often a compliment or a gesture of affection.
    Similar to people giving children sweets, but because they don’t carry sweets around with them they give money. Usually the amount is very small, just enough for the child to buy some biscuits or sweets from the newsagent.
    It’s clearly a very nice gesture to your son, but also to you.
    But it is rather strange to adjust to since it is not something that happens much in other countries.

  17. Minch says:

    Anyway, the lady told me that my son doesn’t look “mix” and that he looked like a pure Korean. What should one say in that situation? Thank you?

    Easy, thank you but he is half Filipino. Nothing awkward about that.

    Also, how do you reply when a native English speaker tells you that you sound like a North American just because of your accent?

    Again, thank you and say that you never realised that your accent was any different that most Filipinos.

  18. Jee says:

    this is soo cute!

    congratz Ms. Betchay~
    pinalaki mong mabuting bata ang anak mo~
    and that’s really something to be proud of!!!

    Im curious, is it true that most Filipinos are really discriminated in Korea?
    like, if you’re just walking people would stare at u in a different way.
    or in what way po?
    my Korean boyfriend once told me that he cant get marry with me because of the society or probably culture differences.
    how difficult is it Ms Betchay?
    I wonder how u dealt with that?
    I envy you~or should I say, proud of you!

  19. Jerick Mac says:

    awkward ba yun? hehehe. blessing yun.! Naks!

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