Cheaper Internet plus Shopping Money

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  1. Jerick Mac says:

    wow! naks naman, sana ganyan dito sa pinas. teka, ano po yung 100mb? (ganun ba kalakas ang internet jan? whew!)
    .-= Jerick Mac´s last blog ..The first Ultimate Talentadong Pinoy is Yoyo Tricker Joshua Davis =-.

    • went says:

      wow nmn ang bilis bilis nmn nyan.. how I wish ganyan dito..hehehe..100mbps is 100 times faster ng internet sa pinas (un typical household subscription), as far I knew 12mbps lang ang naprovide na speed ng internet sa pinas which is the fastest pa…hehehe..approximately 66 times the speed of a T1 line(64kbps that could support 1floor of the building).. in US 1mbps will cost $100 po pero the cheapest 100mpbs sa US $990..and with that speed could support media hosting..kumbaga may sarili ka ng network na wo2rk for SS7 signaling..take note just a modem lng un hindi pakasama un monthly usage…kasi un monthly magaaply ka pa nun sa LEC/ISP
      “Mbps” stands for “megabits per second.” One megabit is equal to one million bits of data. Most servers have built-in network cards that support a connection capable of passing 100 million bits of data per second.
      -wala lng makapag comment lng..hehehe.. un kasi work testing and nagconfigure ng mga US Teleco circuits…hehehe

  2. drsnowmon says:

    100mb connection? holy crap I’m paying 5mb internet for $75 dollars a month…. Korea’s got the fastest internet speed in the World it seems….

  3. nene says:

    this is so true as i heard that korea even beats america for the fastest internet…it’s truly amazing! korea is indeed a hi tech country – imagine 100 mb? that’s fast!

  4. lyn says:

    hello poh1! to every one!! i am new living in korea!! together with husband,but in 3 months stay in soo sad,,i dont have some friend pilipino people!! if there is somebody near of my place incheon!! just add me in facebook…

  5. oxana says:

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  6. Za says:

    ang saya naman! 100 mbps… ganyan kabilis ang connection sa office na namin…

  7. Lorna says:

    high speed internet! That’s what makes everything fast in Korea, including the internet.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Lorna! That’s right. We also have free WiFi on the subway so if you have a smartphone, you won’t get bored.

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