Will it be a gold for Kim Yuna?

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  1. hanneebuff says:

    Hi po!

    I’m also waiting for Kim Yuna’s performance as well. Hope she gets the gold while enjoying herself skating.

    Btw, there’s an essay contest held by the Philippine Embassy in Korea. You might want to join/blog about it. Here’s the link po. 😀


  2. biske_chan says:

    Grabe! My God 150 ang Free Skate nya! 228.56 Gold na ito! Congrats Yu-Na!

  3. biske_chan says:

    2010 Winter Olympic Games

    Kim Yu Na
    SP – 78.50, FS – 150.06 = Total: 228.56 – Record Breaking!

    KABOG si Asado este Asada (131.72) pala!

    So Yu-Na! Gold for South Korea!

  4. venus says:

    Hellop po Miss Betchay!
    May iba po ba kayong link for Kim Yuna’s performance? di po kasi nmain makita sa bnigay nyo pong link due o reuest daw po, that It could only be played in the Republic of Korea.

    Sana may ibang link….

  5. jempres says:

    Kim Yuna got the gold! Just watched it on SBS.
    Congrats Queen Yuna!

    • Betchay says:

      hi jempres! i wonder how many times they’ve replayed the free skating… my husband and i were joking that we’ll have to endure watching it until World Cup…

  6. venus says:

    Miss Betchay thank you po sa link….hihihi

  7. albergal1012 says:

    so sad daum does not stream video clips to the country i’m in, wanted so much to see her golden performance. saw past clips in youtube love her beaming smile.

  8. sollee says:

    Wow her performance was one of the best i’ve ever seen in figure skating!!!galing talaga!!Yung isa naman na Canadian ay namatayan but she performed well too inspite of that..Yung Japanese magaling din..Congratz to all the winners!!!

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