Kim Yuna at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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  1. jehan says:

    oh… i love kim yuna… i spent some of my (work) time then back in P.I. watching her on youtube after reading about her at the Korea Times. she’s magic. i hope she wins…

  2. sweetestD says:

    hi! i’ve been reading your blog (after stumbling upon it on accident sometime back). i love to watch yuna’s skating a lot and i think she’s got this magic that other skaters don’t have (i keep up with elite figure skating). however, i hear that yuna says bad things about other skaters… is it true? i also hear that korean media says bad things about japanese skaters since yuna has many japanese rivals, mainly mao asada. i’m also a huge fan of mao and i’m very very curious of what the korean media says about mao. sorry this post was long and random. cheers, and thanks for your time!

    • Jen says:

      “i hear that yuna says bad things about other skaters… is it true?”
      No, It’s not true. Jealous Japanese are desperately making up stories to ruin Kim’s reputation and hurt her mental spirits. How terrible. You don’t believe in evrything on Internet, do you? Sigh…

      • sweetestD says:

        no, i don’t, therefore i don’t have to believe you.

        • Betchay says:

          😀 The Korean media is not Yuna. And they aren’t exactly a group of saints. Sometimes I like them, but most of the time I can’t stand them – as they are a lot of times one sided.

          I don’t think our admiration of Yuna should be affected by what the others do. I admire her for her talent and I think she’s a good role model for Korean girls to emulate.

  3. venus says:

    Well, she’s really famous and most of my Korean students are really proud of her.
    One of my student actually showed me a picture of her which really interest me. From then I watch her carrer through the sports channel .She’s not just pretty but a talented korea too!
    Good luck kim Yuna!

  4. sollee says:

    Good luck to her..Hope she wins again!!!

    • Betchay says:

      hi sollee! happy valentine’s! i’m planning to visit angeles this summer… sana kitakits tayo 😉

      • sollee says:

        hi bechay^^..happy valentine’s din sa ‘yo..yeah do tell me if you’re home already this summer okie^^would you like to have some “halo-halo” then..masarap ‘yon^^

  5. eden says:

    Haven’t seen any of her performance but I’d really wanna see it.
    .-= eden´s last blog ..Where Forth Art Thou IMEEM? =-.

  6. GerrardFC says:

    sweetestD is obviously another Japanese troll who hides behind the comfort of a keyboard and talks negatively about S. Korea constantly. These idiots do not stop, it’s like the Japanese Government is funding these idiots to leave negative comments on everything Korean on Youtube, internet blogs, everywhere….

    Also if you are going to claim that Kim Yuna said bad things about Japanese figure skaters at least have the mental capacity to link a fake Japanese video of her doing so. Otherwise please keep your “claims” to yourself and go troll on Youtube where you racists Right wing Japanese spend 24/7 leaving hateful comments on Koreans.

    Pathetic people….

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