CUK Graduate Program for Filipino Students (Fall 2010)

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267 Responses

  1. unicahija says:

    I’ve been waiting for this Ms. Betch. HAHA. Finally!

    Keep us posted! πŸ™‚

  2. champ says:

    ..Undecided yet due to financial matter. Just had an emergency that I have to use my savings..I am working as a call center agent for almost a year and half. Ate Betchay will the financial thing be a part of their conditions in granting scholarships? I graduated in college as a consistent scholar and if ever admitted I can work part time while studying. I am really inclined to take this oppurtunity, I am not in haste I just feel like continuing my studies as soon as possible this would also be a great help in my career path.

    God bless you po!!!

  3. iya says:

    @ Ms. Betchay – Hi Ms. Betch! Thanks for posting ^_^….I’m happy to help in spreading the word about this scholarship…Last year I wasn’t able to apply due to work conflict…This time I won’t miss such opportunity πŸ™‚ Thanks to your wonderful blog πŸ™‚
    @ champ – There is no harm in submitting the requirements…at least at the end of the day you’ll have no regrets in missing out on such opportunity =)

  4. Cai says:

    good luck to everyone!

  5. ira says:

    related po sa question ni melramos, pano nga po pag halimbawa mejo matagal ka ng graduate, pano po yung recommendation letter? parang mahirap na kasi kumuha nun lalo na kung di ka na natatandaan nung prof/department head nyo dati…

  6. trese says:

    hi, where could we get the CUK form? it’s one one of the requirements on the list.

  7. lanz says:

    thanks for sharing this good news..
    where can we get the CUK FORM for admission?
    thanks again
    looking forward for your reply

  8. Rickspot says:

    wow naman, ang gandang opportunity nyan for filipinos out there. ansarap i-grab. hehehe. πŸ™‚
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  9. melramos83 says:

    hi! i inquired regarding the recommendation letter in our university but i was informed that it might not be that easy to ask for it since I’ve already graduated for quite some time. i emailed Prof. Abagat and she said that a recommendation from my employer/manager would also do. I think this will be easier… but I should not inform her that the scholarship I’m aiming will require me to quit my job if I’m accepted. hehe!

  10. kass says:

    Has anyone tried sending their application forms already? =)
    They are requiring to send the soft copies thru email, right?
    Im super excited and nervous baka im not following the right instructions. hehe =)

    • Cai says:

      yep, soft copies of all the docs. then if you’re invited for the interview, they’ll get the original ones so it’s better to have a duplicate copies of your original docs coz they will not return it. ^^ review all your docs before sending. once again, good luck everyone! ^^

      • kass says:

        hi cai. thanks for the rep. another question, should we initially send the soft copies to prof. abagat for evaluation or just CC her in sending the docs to CUK admission’s email add? thanks again! =)

  11. downfall says:

    hi! may i know the email add of prof. abagat? i need to ask some questions regarding the scholarship. pls? thanks!

  12. downfall says:

    tnx a lot iya! =)

  13. lady says:

    i have some questions regarding this CUK Scholarship. i think I will email Prof. Abagat kahit hindi ko alam kung sino siya. With all due respect, sino po ba siya? thank you.

  14. Christine says:

    Hi, Ms. Betchay! Thank you sooo much for posting this… I’ve been reading your posts since last year. I have always wanted to be a scholar abroad and I think this is the opportunity that I should not miss on. Do I stand a chance of being accepted to CUK? I graduated with a degree in AB – Journalism and shortly after graduation I entered Law school. Im still a Law undergrad, though. I wonder if free tuition fee is one of the privileges that comes with this scholarship. I hope to hear from the scholars who are now in Korea. Please enlighten us on this matter.
    Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Cai says:

      hi christine and krystel, as per prof. abagat they basically check if the undergrad major is related with the graduate you’re applying for.

      good luck on your application! ^^

  15. Krystel says:

    Hi, Ms Betchay! Like Christine, I have the same situation πŸ™‚ I graduated 2 years ago, and currently, I am in Law school. I really want to grab this opportunity to study abroad. Do we have a chance to get in (especially since we are now in Law school), or are they looking for fresh graduates? I also hope to hear about the application process from the students who are already in Korea. Thank you very much!

  16. downfall says:

    Hi Cai!

    Are you already a scholar of CUK? Do you know if the Media Engineering course they offer for Masteral required that you took up Engineering course in college? I am wondering if i can apply for Media Engineering. My course in college is somewhat related to it. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

  17. tala says:

    I’d love to try this out, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this since before and I’m glad, I’m so excited to see if I’ll make it..Hopefully! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.=)

  18. Nicey says:

    hello ate betchay!

    I’ve been silently reading your blog for a year now and I have to say that I learn alot…its very entertaining and informative…congratulations!

    regarding this scholarship program, do they have health related graduate programs that can be appropriate for me since I’m a nursing graduate? thank you so much…^_^

  19. downfall says:

    hi cai!

    my course in college was Multimedia Arts. It is somehow related to Media Engineering. What do u think? can i take up media engineering as my masteral?

    Are you already in korea right now? may i know how many were accepted in 2nd batch?


    • Cai says:

      i think it’s all right.
      yes we’re here already, just today. lol. we’re 17. ^^

      good luck!

    • Boy from somewhere says:

      Hello downfall,

      Ano yung nilagay mong major sa application mo?

      And by the way, did you get any notification? Did you get valuable info from Prof Ems?

  20. winks says:

    hi cai, does CUK only accept those who are fresh graduates and also those who are top students in their respective universities? Do i stand a chance even if i am just an average student?

  21. Anthony says:

    Hello, I have the same concern as @winks, and I was wondering if I still stand a chance, considering the fact that I was just an average student when I was in university, and that in Korea, getting into good universities is a really big competition~

    Anyway, I really wanna get into this, as this could be my free ticket to Korea (kkk)~ My friends tell me that CUK is the top institution for studies in the Medical Field, and it so happens that my major is Nursing, and i’d really want to get a masters in Community Health~

    Just a question, what do they mean by ‘free form’? is that an essay? I’m wondering if it would help if I wrote my essay in Korean kkk

    • Cai says:

      i’m not sure of the courses offered yet. yes, the free form is an essay and it should be in english.

      • Anthony says:

        i just checked their website, too bad, walang nursing-related courses T T

        oh well, that’s life kkk

        i’m still gonna give it a shot, public administration? i was working on getting a sub-major in political science back in university, although i didnt get a diploma for that one coz i had to drop some units.

        anyway, thanks for the info on the free form

  22. ann says:

    May required number of years ng formal education po ba dito? Like ‘yung “16 years of formal education”? Or basta po may bachelor’s degree or graduating sa Pilipinas? Kasi po di ba normally 14 years of formal education lang po ang nakukumpleto ng mga nandito sa Pilipinas?

    Salamat po πŸ™‚

  23. ahya says:

    Hi! I have a question, is the personal statement and study plan a combined essay or should it be separated?

  24. winks says:

    thanks cai for the reply. wow! ur already in korea na pala =) kainggit naman! hehe! oh.. i have one more question.. yun personal statement n study plan ba separate essay or combined na cya sa isang essay lang?

  25. MC says:

    I hope makaabot pa po ako sa deadline. This is my lifelong dream. Goodluck po to all of us.

    Question: yung soft copies po ba in pdf form?

  26. jen says:

    meron na po bang nagpasa ng requirements? san po isesend?

    • iya says:

      Hi jen!
      Yup I’ve submitted my requirements today. You may send it to
      I’m very excited for this! Goodluck to everyone πŸ™‚

      • jen says:

        tnx iya! did u send the requirements in pdf form or in .doc? what course are u taking up nga pala?

        • iya says:

          I had all my docs scanned and I sent them as jpeg files (except for my personal statement/ study plan which was in word doc form and recom letter which was in pdf form)…I just made sure they are all readable…i guess you can also convert them to pdf form…if you prefer it that way ^^…I’ll be taking masters in chemistry hopefully ^^…Goodluck!

  27. unicahija says:

    I’m having issues with my transcript. Ugh! A copy of my grades might not make it in time for the deadline. Meantime, I guess I have to make do of whatever copy of grades I have.

    Iya! Did you cc your documents to Prof. Abagat?

    • iya says:

      nope i sent it directly to the cuk email ad…twice though and i sent a bcc to my own email just to make sure it was really sent πŸ™‚ Goodluck! Aja! ^^

  28. lolit says:

    Can a former applicant apply again? I failed last time. I was only until the interview part. Can I apply again? Will they still shortlist me for interview even if I was already interviewed before?

  29. Christine says:

    Hi Cai!
    I wouldnt be able to submit the requirements on March 7. TT
    I have a problem with my passport… Im gonna get it from DFA on March 8.
    I have a question, though. Since I would miss sending my requirements for the fall semester, would it be possible for CUK to offer scholarship to Filipino students again for the spring semester?
    If so, around what month would they open the application again?
    Im really upset to miss out this opportunity of studying there in the fall.
    Everything was already prepared except for the damn passport. It’s a shame!
    I guess i just have to wait a little longer.
    Thanks Cai for answering queries from hopeful applicants.
    Please keep us posted.

  30. unicahija says:

    Apparently, my grades won’t make it before the deadline on the 7th. I’ve a question to those who have submitted theirs already. Uhm, grades for the final year in college lang ba or for the whole undergrad years? I’m kinda not sure about this. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  31. Boy from somewhere says:

    I already submitted all my documents through email. Prof. Abagat said that most probably, the interview will happen in March.

  32. Yna says:

    Hi Betchay! I wanted to grab this opportunity but happen not to have a passport yet, which is one of the requirements for application. But I would be getting mine this month. Would it be possible to just submit it some other time?

    Could I submit another document – such as my birth certificate in lieu of that?

  33. went says:

    Ei guys, I just tried to send my application unfortunately their email is already full.. I just received a notification regarding that, Is there an alternative email where I can send? Sayang naman po I already had all my requirements if I couldn’t make with said deadline.. Thanks in advance whoever will reply on my question ^0^

    • Betchay says:

      You can also send your docs to Prof Abagat –> emelyabagat AT

      • dv says:

        hi ms betchay.
        If I’l send it to Prof. Abagat’s email tomorrow,which is the deadline…will CUK still consider it, even if I send it through her. Thanks!

  34. reez says:

    To people who already sent their requirements,

    Did you receive a confirmation email that they have received your mail? We have to send it here ‘’ right? thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Yup, I sent my documents to ‘’
      I did not receive a confirmation email… I sent it Friday evening though, so they may send a confirmation come Monday…

  35. Joanna says:

    hi i just want to ask about the program digital media, what exactly does it mean? and can i apply for that program? btw, i’m a graduate of multimedia arts. thanks πŸ™‚

  36. Cai says:


    sorry, classes started so i wasn’t able to get back to you guys.

    -yes, the original copies of your docs will be needed.
    -yes, you can combine personal statement and study plan.
    -pdf or jpg will do.
    -i believe the same courses are offered: buss. ad, int’l studies, info comms & elec eng, digital media.

    i’m sorry if i can’t sort all your questions to answer. once again, good luck to everyone!

  37. twamzy says:

    best of luck to all the applicants^^

  38. reez says:

    hello guys. I just wanna ask if you know when will we receive a mail if we are qualified for the interview? Or those not qualified will receive a notification at all? For us to at least have a clue on what to expect.

  39. Boy from somewhere says:

    May naka receive na ba ng notification?

  40. Sheila Kim says:

    Is there a result already? Where can we see it? Thank you.. ^-^

    • Boy from somewhere says:

      Hi Sheila. In my case, I still did not receive any notofication regarding interview scheds.

      Anyone got notification as of March 11, 2010, 2:50pm?

  41. Cai says:

    hi guys!

    i felt the same way before…

    they’ll email those who will be invited for the interview. i believe there are 70-80 applications so it would really take time to evaluate your papers. just always check your mailbox.

  42. iya says:

    thanks Cai! we’re just too excited and anxious lol. Patience is a virtue….still no notifs for me until now… ^^

  43. Boy from somewhere says:

    Oh yeah patience… after all, August pa ang alis natin, God willing!

  44. kimmy says:

    Hi Cai! It means there are still no result?

    To those who are already there in Korea and got qualified, usually, how many months it takes?

    Thank you.

    • Cai says:

      of the final result?

      i got a notification a week before my scheduled interview.
      i got a notification of my admission a month after the interview.

  45. Boy from somewhere says:

    @Kimmy: If we base it on the previous semesters, they usually conduct the interview at least 10-15 days after the deadline, which means interview schedule notices should be earlier than 10 to 15 days after the deadline. Things can change this time around though.


    Fall 2009:
    Deadline: May 29, 2009
    interview: June 7-12 (within this period, not 100% sure)

    Spring 2010
    Deadline: Oct. 29, 2009
    Interview: Nov. 10-13, 2009 (InterContinental Hotel Makati)

  46. Boy from somewhere says:

    Today is Monday. 8 days after the deadline. I hope we could get our interview schedules today. ^^

    I am nervous.

  47. glee says:

    has anyone received notice of interview???
    so excited πŸ™‚

  48. Boy from somewhere says:

    As of 10:30am, March 15 — no interview schedule notices yet. ^^

  49. glee says:

    please let us know if anybody receive an interview notification. thanks ^^ thanks

  50. kris says:

    hello. are you guys sure that the notifs will be sent today? πŸ™‚

    • Boy from somewhere says:

      Nope. Nothing is certain. Not today. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Nobody knows actually. But… if we base everything on the previous semesters, we should expect notifs of interview scheds one of these days… this week, and interview should be next week. But everything can change this time around. ^^ So nothing is certain.

      If anyone of us here gets a notice, please post here. Thanks!

      • glee says:

        kasi dati, 2-3 months before start of semester sila nag rerecruit ng scholars pero ngayon 6 months to go na. kaya siguro mas matagal

        • iya says:

          yup i agree with glee…application period for the fall 2010 semester happened earlier than it used to…i don’t know if they’ll be giving notifs to those who will fail…so let’s just update each other through this forum so we can at least know if we failed πŸ™ or passed πŸ™‚ the initial screening …good luck to everyone…patience is a virtue ^^

        • Boy from somewhere says:

          Good point Glee. ^^ But anyway, let us update each other here. ^^

          Prof. Abagat’s previous email 3 weeks ago said that the interview might happen within this month. ^^

  51. kimmy says:

    Thank you Cai & boy from somewhere..

    So, results should be out anytime this week?! Its been a week already & this week will be our 2nd week of waiting. Hehe..

    Please update us if you heard any news about the results if they already released.

    Once again, thank you for your prompt reply.

  52. glee says:

    hi there everyone, has there been any notice for interview already?? ^^

  53. Joanna says:

    nope. πŸ™

  54. Boy from somewhere says:

    no updates yet right?

  55. nicey says:

    no notice yet…:( I cant believe I’m still hoping to get in even though I know I have a very slim chance…
    Good luck to all!

    • Boy from somewhere says:

      Nicey! I think I have a slim chance too. But no matter how slim, it is still a chance from God. Let’s wait and see. I hope this week will be it.

  56. iya says:

    @ Boy and Nicey – it is important to remain hopeful ^^ Just trust in God’s plans for us ^^ no notice for me as of march 17 – 11pm…still waiting :)…waiting and waiting

  57. sher says:

    can somebody confirm if the CUK has already released the notice of interview? its already been 2 weeksssssss.. πŸ™

  58. Boy from somewhere says:

    No notice yet for me and others. Today is FRIDAY… so hopefully we’ll get the notice.

  59. Peegee says:

    do not fret. It will come soon πŸ™‚ Good luck to all!
    .-= Peegee´s last blog ..February 1 =-.

  60. twamzy says:

    you just have to wait guys matagal tlaga ang results… just be patient…^^best of luck sa inyo and i hope to see the new batch of CUK Scholars soon!^^

  61. Boy from somewhere says:

    “I heard it’s going to be on April but I don’t have the exact date yet…..will keep you posted..” — Prof Abagat’s response to my email re interview sked. ^^

    So let’s wait until after Holy Week guys!

  62. kris says:

    a friend told me (a CUK scholar) that one of the Korean assistants of the OIA told him that the officials who will conduct the interview are scheduled to arrive in the Philippines at around third week of April. So most probably, we’ll be waiting up to last week of March to first or second week of April. :/

    • eva kristel says:

      ohh no. i thought the interview notifs will be sent two-three weeks after the deadline. :/

      btw, thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

  63. chres says:

    Hi. most probably the supposed march interview will be moved on april? will that be final? thanks!

  64. chres says:

    Hi nicey and iya. I added on Facebook. I hope its okay since we’re all directed to one goal.:)) thanks!:))

  65. kimmy says:

    Thanks guys!!!

    Yes, interview will be on April. Its so hard to wait but atleast we still have hopes! Hope that this is God’s will for us..

  66. went says:

    Hey guys you are all awesome!!! thanks for updating us…good luck to all of us, they might probably screening throughly our docu and giving us enough time to prepare..^0^…I added you also in FB and hope you guys accept my invites.. and here is also my FB acct if you want me to add and I am glad to do again God speed to all of us!!!

  67. glee says:

    hi, has anyone received interview notification at this time? ^^

  68. kimmy says:

    Is there any updates? ^_^

  69. Boy from somewhere says:

    It’s holy week.. no updates yet.

    Be blessed everyone! ^^

  70. iya says:

    same here no updates yet…..happy holy week guys…let’s enjoy our vaca ^^ Godbless!!!

  71. eva kristel says:

    Hi guys. check your mail. πŸ™‚ I just received my interview notif today. πŸ™‚

  72. mj says:

    yeah i also got mine today! weeee

  73. chres says:

    yeah. Check it guys! It will definitely make your day!:))

  74. reez says:

    sadly, I didnt receive a notif.. πŸ™ goodluck to u guys.

  75. JP says:

    Yehey! Kulang ako sa req’ts pero I passed the initial assessment! Any interview tips?

    • dj says:

      hi! i understand that CUK would shoulder the tuition fees..suddenly i wonder if they will also help with the living expenses during the course of study?

  76. dv says:

    Hi, I also received the notification yesterday. yahooo!!! hope that we will all pass ( though they only need around 20 students ).

  77. mj says:

    sino may alam kung ano_usual_na_tinatanong_nila_sainterview,tnx:)

  78. kimmy says:

    I just received my interview sched. 19 lng dn skn n nasendan. I guess 2 batches nga tlga..

    No exact time pa dbah? How about exact venue? Laki kaya ng Mandarin Hotel & daming conference & function rooms. But they just mention they will email the exact time..

  79. Boy from somewhere says:

    Wala bang na email na

    Please confirm. Thanks

  80. GG says:

    Hey guys can you post here all the emails na na sendan ng notif? thx πŸ™‚ btw kelan ba kayo ng submit ng requirements?

    • eva kristel says:

      i think it’s better to keep that private..^^ baka kasi ayaw ipaalam nung iba.. nagsubmit ako the day before the deadline.. march 6..

      • GG says:

        Yup naisip ko nga rin yon hehe. BTW I added you on FB d mo pa yata na approve I want to ask you kase about the admission process. sad to say kase I didn’t received any notif so I want to know what went wrong haha. I’ve submitted a good essay naman but i have an average GPA. I will send a CC of the msg on your FB thx.

      • Supah says:

        I strongly disagree. You passed your requirements by march 5 ‘cos your occupied by 6th, remember?

  81. GG says:

    follow up question guys matataas ba GPA ng mga na sendan ng notif? hehe

  82. kimmy says:

    Bkt gnun ang email? Friday, April 10?? Eh April 09 lng un eh.. ????

  83. Boy from somewhere says:

    Pa forward naman ng email.

  84. colicab says:

    hey, is there a included? thanks

    • eva kristel says:

      could you please give me your real name..
      because the only set of emails that i can check is the one included in my batch..

  85. JP says:

    Hi everyone! medyo nalilito ako kung 10:00 am o 1:00 pm ang sched ko. Tama ba ‘to: Artuz -Canton, 10 AM and Tamanio – Montemayor, 1:00 PM?

    • eva kristel says:

      Well, it’s CANZON and not Canton..^^
      Its right. Artuz to Canzon then Tamanio to Montemayor.. πŸ™‚

  86. Boy from somewhere says:

    Merong iinterviewhin na di nakareceive ng email. Si Alessa Mae Dagus Entienza.

    So pa forward naman sana ng EMAIL ng scheds para ma double check na wala nga talaga kaming mga di naka receive ng notification. Thanks!

  87. Chris says:

    Hi Eva Kristel! Sorry sa abala, but can I please request you to forward the recently sent email containing the interview schedule and location?

    Just in case I also did not receive the first email since it turns out that someone included in the interview didn’t receive the first one… Nagbabaka-sakali lang… Hehe!


  88. Boy from somewhere says:

    Meron bang Jeffrey? How about gian derrick?

  89. enrique says:

    elow there guys.. sked din aq for interview this friday april nine..1pm what exact room ba sa mandarin hotel.. tska sino hanapin natin dun?

  90. enrique says:

    mandarin hotel is located at makati ave.. tama ba?

  91. enrique says:

    kung cnu man po ksabay ko d2 sa interview sa friday april 9 1pm.. kung alam mu po ung exact room sa mandarin hotel pki post d2. tnx

  92. kimmy says:

    If u don’t response in the email, I think they will call you overseas directly from Korea. I just received a call from them at CUK just to remind me of my interview.. How nice of them!.. ^_^

  93. Christine says:

    Goodluck to everyone who passed the initial screening!
    You guys are lucky!
    I failed to submit my requirements on time because of my passport. (sigh!)
    Anyway, Prof. Abagat said that CUK will accept scholars again for the spring semester.
    I guess I just have to wait ’till the application period opens again.
    For those who didn’t receive notice of interview, cheer up guys! You can try again for the Spring semester. I will be joining you then…

  94. deutzboi says:

    Hi everyone!

    For those who received notifications and the like, could you please check if there is Randolf and Anna on the list with
    Gmail addresses? thank you very much. πŸ™‚

  95. Cai says:


    just want to remind you guys na magkakaiba po talaga ng sked bawat courses, i believe around 40 ung total ng iinterviewhin. ^^


  96. tugs.tugs says:

    Na-interview po ako kanina, at sana maging ok naman. although hassle ung mga nangyari b4 d interview. salamat at sa huli pa ko. hehe. the interview was ok. and sana makapasa. good luck sa atin lahat guys.

  97. jen says:

    hi eva kristel,

    could u pls check if there’s a “lim” in the list? tnx!

  98. kimmy says:

    When kaya ang released ng result?

  99. activepassive says:

    guys kwento naman kayo ng interview experience nyo. same din kaya ang mga topic na pinag usapan during the interview? kelan kaya labas ng result?

  100. enrique says:

    ok naman ung interview wala naman cla masado tanong eh.. i ask them kung kelan ung result, sabe nila hindi daw nila alam mg send nlng daw cla ng notification..

  101. fe says:

    sabi nung nag screen ng requirements yung, korean na naka red stripes ng polo, one month daw, wala ngang gaanong tanong, mukhang hindi sila ganoon ka assertive (^^ joke).

    lahat ng candidates bigatin, cumlaude halos.. mukhang malabo ang chance ko ^^

    para dun sa mga current scholars, bawat courses ba eh, may kinukuha sila, i mean sa lahat ba ng degree dapat meron? o it depends on the applicant, i mean, pwedeng lahat INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS?, kasi maraming nag apply ng IR at mukhang lahat sila impressive. ^^

    update naman kayo dito if ever na may result na, kasi nung interview, few people didnt receive notice kasi mali yung e-mail nila.

    thanks and good luck, sana lahat tayo makapasok

  102. pbafanatic says:

    pare pareho din ba content ng interview natin? palagay nyo ba u did well sa interview?

  103. Ness says:

    Guys, how will you evaluate your interview? How do you think they’ll grade us?

  104. JP says:

    For me, the interview went like the usual job interview.

  105. Ness says:

    But why did it go differently with me? How long were you interviewed? What we had is more like a discussion, a RECITATION to be close. πŸ™‚

  106. JP says:

    For about 25 minutes I think. I had to discuss the results of my Thesis though and the Heckscher-Ohlin Theory. With that aside, it was more of a job interview.

  107. Ness says:

    Oh okay. nice. goodluck!☺

  108. JP says:

    @ Ness, how different was yours?

    • Ness says:

      IDK if it is still different. If I read your thoughts right you seem to be confident in your admission huh.☺ How I wish I have that same confidence!!!!:)) Goodluck though.

      • JP says:

        Ngek. No I’m not. I’m as nervous as everyone else πŸ™‚ Marami rin akong naririnig na negative feedback about sa CUK eh.

        • chres says:

          Like? so you think your interview went flawless? So nervous now, especially when it is only two weeks before the moment. so,what are the negative feedbacks you heard?

        • Ness says:

          Really? what negative comments?? Same as chres I am nervous too. you didnt commit any mistakes during the interview?

          • JP says:

            I can’t say exactly if it went smoothly. I’m used to talking with Caucasians and I do not know if the interviewers got what I wanted to convey. I read at a certain blog that part of the contract is to sort of teach English which is a requirement and not an option. The guy who expressed this opinion is pissed with this clause because he wanted to do something else; he’s a former english teacher in the Phil and took up Int. Rel. as his second master at CUK.

          • CES says:

            JP. what were the final words of the screeners for you during the interview??

  109. chinggay says:

    Kelan daw lalabas ang result? sakin after all the usual questions, they asked if i am willing to teach English. From then on, chikahan nalang. Nagexchange pa kami ng business cards. πŸ˜›

  110. Ness says:

    chinggay, what course did you apply for?

  111. stance says:

    meron na bang nakakareceive ng notification para sa mga na-interview??

    • cel says:


      meron na bang nakareceive ng notice of admission.
      post naman kayo dito if ever na mag out na sila ng notice ^^


  112. kulasa says:

    May na! Wala pa rin ba nakakareceive ng notification?

  113. Kes says:

    Oh no. Guys, how confident are youuu??

  114. Kes says:

    Has anyone already received a notice of admission??If you guys do, please post it here okay? Thanks!:)

  115. chinggay says:

    They’ll email notice of admission next week daw. IF hindi daw next week, next next week. FYI guys!

  116. stance says:

    any updates?

  117. shine says:

    hello miss betchay, ask ko lang sana kung magkno ang rate ng mga korean private tutors sa korea? thank you..

  118. kimmy says:

    My result n b? ^_^

  119. kulasa says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve just received a notice from CUK that I passed the screening and will get a chance to take the master’s program in Korea. Check your email.


  120. chiden says:


    I also received my admission notice. I hope we can share our contact details with each other and form a support group. Hope to meet you guys soon. Congrats!

  121. charm says:

    meron bang hindi nakareceive ng notice??, lahat kasi ng tinanong ko, failed or not notified, ganun din last year, bakit ako walang email (though last april wala rin akong nareceive na notice of interview kasi mali yung email ko sa list nila)

    i sent them inqiuiry pero baka bmonday pa kasi wala silang pasok weekdays.

    goodluck to those who made it, saka kung merong hindi nakareceive ng notice kindly reply here… i gonna call them monday, para isama ko na rin yung name niyo sa inquiry.

  122. enrique says:

    hi guys.. looking forward to meet you soon.. kzo until now i dont have my passport yet. hope i can make it on time..

  123. enrique says:

    i set an appointment for my passport at dfa. im sked on august 10? it really sucks.. panu kaya un?????? kylangan na ng cuk passport q on june 15..HEAdACE!

    • cel says:

      august 10??? then you have to wait another 10 days para maprocess. so marerelease siya probably august 20.

      if your parents are both government employee you can ask them to bring you to the courtesy lane ng DFA, they cater courtesy for govt employee and their immediate dependents. dun anytime pwede, marerelease passport mo before june 15. kaso strict sila as it is for IMMEDIATE DEPENDENTS (1st degree) only.

      or inform mo agad ang cuk regarding your situation para magawan agad ng paraan

  124. lady says:

    hi, everyone.

    I’m curious, for the people who already received their admission notice, what email address did you receive it from? I just would like to check. thank you so much.

    • cel says:

      bakit wala akong email? yung iba kahit failed may notice???? meron pa bang hindi nakakareceive ng email, post naman kayo pls. para malaman ko if i need to call them na or i just have to wait… thanks

  125. Tin says:

    Hi Enrique! Congrats! Im just wondering… Were you admitted, though you haven’t submitted your passport yet? I had all the requirements for the scholarship application with me except for the passport, thus, I just decided not to submit my application at all and just wait for the spring semester scholarship. I missed the opportunity to apply for the fall semester ‘cuz of passport. I wish I had done what you did; I should have still given it a try. sigh!

    Anyway, I will be applying for the spring semester. Please give me tips guys especially for the interview part. Hope to still hear news from you as soon as you arrive in Korea. Ajja!

    • enrique says:

      tin..thats exactly my case.. i passed the first assessment even i dont have my passport. cause they said its valid provided i can give them my passport after passing.. but now im having headace with it.. dfa sucks..

  126. lady says:

    sa mga nakatanggap ng notice of admission, ano ang email address ng nagpadala? paki-post naman dito kasi gusto ko i-check if yun din yung nagpadala sa akin. expected ko kasi na yung email add kung saan tayo nagpadala ng application ang siya ring mage-email ng notice of admission. pero, iba ang email address ng nagpadala ng notice of admission ko. gusto ko lang tingnan if pare-pareho ba tayo. maraming salamat. πŸ™‚

    agree ako sa nag-suggest na bumuo tayo ng support group. πŸ™‚

  127. kulasa says:

    Hi guys,

    Sino sa mga nakapasa ang major in Accounting?

  128. mj says:

    kahit ba hindi accepted may notice pa din? wala kasi akong kahit anong email T_T

  129. she says:

    hello guys! i want to apply for the spring semester.
    is toefl really required? πŸ™‚

  130. jes says:

    hi guys! i will be applying for the next period (Spring)! who else??? πŸ™‚ let’s prepare together!

  131. she says:

    I received a feedback from the university and TOEFL is now required. Goodluck to all of us. πŸ™‚

  132. chinggay says:

    Hello! nakareceive na ba kayo ng documents from CUK? wala pa ko nakukuha kahit visa application form or whatever… Thanks!

  133. Jayme says:

    Hi She, did they mention regarding the deadline for the Spring semester? I’m planning to apply too. Thanks=p

  134. she says:

    hello Jayme, wala pa sila nasabi regarding deadlines. πŸ™‚

  135. jes says:

    hi she! keep us updated! btw, when do you plan to take the TOEFL exam?

  136. she says:

    on august. πŸ™‚

  137. noel says:

    Would you happen to know if they accept Psychology graduates in the scholarship program? What’s the age limit? Thanks. =)

  138. winston says:

    guys tanung ko lang ko po kung kelan p ang next scholarship.. ? nahuli po kz ako..hope for your reply guys

  139. Going to CUK? says:

    To those who are easily enticed to grab the CUK scholarship, I suggest you think again and again, unless you are well-off to be able to finance your monthly living in Korea. Otherwise, you might find yourself doing babysitting job in Seoul if English tutoring is at off-peak. Ms. Betchay, have you heard from any CUK scholarship grantee there? Uhm…knock knock Professor Abagat…

    • jas says:


      is it really hard to live there? are you a CUK scholar? i thought okay naman n mga cuk scholar dyan sa korea, nakita ko kasi un ibang pics.. mukhang masaya naman cla and panay pasyal.. please give us more info.

  140. jas says:

    hi guys!

    ask ko lang un mga nakapasa sa interview.. required ba na mataas dapat un mga grades nung college? kasi un mga nakapasa before.. halos lahat mukhang matatalino eh, tipong mga cumalude. nagtry kasi ako before mag apply, pero average lang grades ko, eventhough i passed all the requirements.. d ako natanggap..

    looking forward to your reply.


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  142. Jayme says:

    Brunel Hotel London recruitment is a scam. Please be careful people. Thanks

  143. Jorelli says:

    hi ms. Betchay! I have queries for you regarding going to Korea. I’ll appreciate it if we’ll exchange emails. Can i get your email address? Thanks so much!

    • Betchay says:

      hi jorelli! you can send me an email but i can’t guarantee that i can reply ASAP since i’m really busy and i only have my mornings or just one hour a day to do all the computing stuff…

  144. Shara says:

    Hello Ms. Betchay,

    Your site is a really nice one to read and learn more about Korea and Korean culture.

    By the way, I’ve been teaching English to Korean students online and face-to-face for more than six years now. At present, I have a teachers license and have earned 18 units of MEd-ESL major in English as a Second Language. Actually, aside from teaching English, I’ve been interested in learning different cultures of different countries since I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service major in diplomacy in undergraduate school.

    I would really like to experience life in Korea and learn more about my students’ culture. And one of the best ways to achieve it is to work there, so I can stay there for a longer period of time. Would you ever so kind to give me some advice about it or information that can help me land a job in Korea?

    Thank you very much and more power! God bless you and your family! ^^

  145. Dianne says:

    Hi, question lang po. I’m interested in this scholarship as well, kaso po I’m afraid whatever awaits me there. Mahirap po ba yung studies?I just graduated from college and undecided what to do right now. Lagi ko po viniview ito for the updates. Details naman po on how’s the student life there.Thank you po!:)

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