Samgyeopsal: Korean pork belly lettuce wrap

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  1. kayni says:

    this sounds like a really good meal. i am starting to like Korean food. i’ve been frequenting a Korean restaurant in the area.
    .-= kayni´s last blog ..Changes =-.

  2. Emma says:

    I didn’t know pwede pala ilagay ang mu… I’m beginning to miss samgyeopsal na.

  3. jempres says:

    Ako naman I like dipping it in kochujang instead of ssam jang. ^^

  4. anne says:

    One of my favorite foods in korea.just had samyeopsal for my lunch actually.
    when I went home to the Phil, i brought my friends in a korean restaurant in Baguio, and ordered samgyeopsal for them, and they really like it. I taught them how to wrap and put all the side dishes on it.

  5. jehan says:

    ah, definitely a favorite but i just wrap mine with the mu ssam (sweet)… or just eat the meat with a little ssamjang or herb salt..

  6. Rickspot says:

    LETTUCE WRAPS!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting! nakakatuwa na isang pinay pa ang nagpost nito. matagal ko ng gustong matry yan!!! haaay..
    .-= Rickspot´s last blog ..Scrolling Recent Posts With Thumbnail Widget for Blogger/Blogspot =-.

  7. Man! Looking at those pics made my tummy rumble! Mom (im calling my mother) Mom! Can you cook this Korean pork belly lettuce wrap for me please? Im starving!
    .-= Sarah Holiday´s last blog ..Holiday Cottage in Cornwall =-.

  8. unicahija says:

    Oh! This was my first dish when I got to Korea. I had a crash course in Korean culture right there and then too. HAHA. LOVE!

  9. wendy says:

    i soooo miss korean food!
    .-= wendy´s last blog ..Flip-flops Country =-.

  10. eden says:

    I’ll try to find ssamjang. We have oriental/asian stores here but very few Korean products so I might ask my friend from LA to get it for me. That looks yummy!
    .-= eden´s last blog ..Must see movie: ‘The Lovely Bones’ =-.

  11. hanneebuff says:

    looking at this post makes me hungry… i wanna eat one now.

  12. It makes me fat. Hello Ninang Bechay!
    .-= asianconqueror´s last blog ..74 down, 26 more to go… =-.

    • Betchay says:

      Ninang? LOL… I’m already fat so I don’t worry about that.

      Don’t eat samgyeopsal frequently. It’s a monthly fare for us.

  13. albergal1012 says:

    in a article in xinhua argentine president cristina kirchner said “pork consumption improves sexual activity” and “we were in high spirits the whole weekend”

  14. _mitch says:

    I was in Korea last January 20 and eat sangyupsal downtown KAIST university. Sarap talaga……plus it’s a treat and tangal talaga ang mga taba nung karne….I like the sangyupsal in Dae Jeon than in Seoul……

  15. deannadsc says:

    Wow, Ms.Betchay…I’m getting so hungry (& it’s 12 midnight here in PI!!) for Korean food, all of a sudden!!! Love eating samgyeopsal in KRestos here in Manila..but it’s so expensive!!
    Didn’t realize how easy it was to make…until your instructions here..maybe I’ll prepare samgyeopsal this weekend for the family!!! I’m sure it’ll be devoured in 15 minutes, tops!!!

    Can you also feature how to make samgyetang next time? I remember that you already taught me how, on our last dinner in Hongdae..the night before we left Seoul, but I forgot some of the ingredients!!! Please feature that soon cuz I really love that dish(w/c I thought I couldn’t finish, di ba?)!!!

  16. Hizel says:

    I love korean food. and Im so addicted of sangyupsa πŸ™‚

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