The Transformers

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  1. eden says:

    LOL deja vu! My mom and I were just talking about this like 20 mins ago. LOL XD. We like them to win but we have this feeling that people will choose N-M tandem. But I’d love to see radical ways to change our system so “Transformers” for the win! ^^
    .-= eden´s last blog ..COACH craze =-.

    • Sophie says:

      Hi eden, let’s cancel that feeling that people will go for N-M simply bec. they’re no-match to GF (Great Future/Gordon+Fernando) team-up in terms of productive and significant experience,true capabilities, great and impactful track records and real leadership traits. Let’s just promote and campaign for this great tandem of Gordon+Fernando to all our online networks and to those people without access to internet. If N-M team has real concern for the good of the country, it would be best if they will just concede this early and support G-F team-up. They are the most qualified and proactive team-up this country needs come 2010 Presidential and Vice Presidential elections.

      Let’s proactively support Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando all the way to Malacanang to steer this country (Phils.) to real peace, order, justice, progress, continuous development and prosperity. Their win is our nation’s win and our future’s win.

  2. arvinsign says:

    +1 for the transformers…

  3. mabel says:

    betchay, sorry this is out of topic but i wanted to complain about the philippine embassy website for not even updating the new address. my friend went to phil. embassy this week but it was transferred to another address.. i hope the phil. embassy will update the information about the location… thanks..

  4. puh says:

    Now I have a tandem to vote for…Go Transformers!!!

  5. anne says:

    I go for Gibo-Bayani

  6. Ica says:

    I am currently listening to a radioshow Goodtimes with Mo in and they are interviewing the transformers.. my gosh, they have good plans for the country!!! I think they are what our country needs, result-oriented people with great long term vision.

  7. Thus far, Gordon/Fernando are the most and only qualified candidate to become president. Yung kay Teodoro, did you see who he picked as his vice pres? its Edu Manzano. Anong gagawin niya pag sila ang nanalo….oh i know they will do the papaya dance……and hope for the best. It is just so sad to see the Philippines will be a backward country and will start competing with Bangladesh as a 3rd world country if Gordon/Fernando loses the election. They have to win so we can move forward!

  8. Pinoys this is it ! Gordon/Fernando 2010 Happy New Year ! Huwag na nating pakawalan ito sa Mayo Gordon /Fernando the Transformers.Its now or Never.Kayo rin sige future ninyo ito.I’m concern about my grand children’s future.Please VOTE for these two guys you’ll never go wrong .

  9. Sophie galing mo! Samahan natin ng DASAL sa puong maykapal at tiyak may milagrong mangyayari sa May 2010 Gordon /Fernando will move to Malacanang at maaayos nila ang ating mahal na bansang Pilipinas.Mabuhay ang Transformers!God Bless/Good Luck!

  10. Villar= Lumabas na ang truth/Magnanakaw ako
    Noynoy= Leadership skills questionable/Familia Cojuangco,Landed family
    Gibo= Same from Elite Cojuangco family,Owns 20,000 hectares of land, How can we expect to improve productivity of Agri products if he is our President.
    ERAP= No Way Maerap na/ Di na lang ako boboto.

    Wala na talaga, The best choice will be Gordon/Fernando sa Mayo 10, 2010

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