Scholarship for Filipinos: CUK Graduate Program

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  1. Aling Mely says:

    Betchay pwede ba yan sa katulad kong married na? Well, I’m not as old as what you think.

  2. Apple says:

    hi ms. betch,

    where can i get the application for admission form?
    thank you so much for maintaining such a wonderful blog.

    best regards,

  3. cher says:

    huhuhuhu…i really want to apply but i can’t leave zach in the daycare yet
    .-= cher´s last blog ..Filipino MONKEYS =-.

  4. onion says:


    i’m interested about this scholarship. i’d really love to get a copy of the prospectus or any other detailed information about the courses offered (particularly international relations).

    saan po kaya pwede kumuha ng information tungkol dito.

    maraming salamat po.

  5. Laine^^ says:

    ate bechay, kasama po ba din ung nursing na course dun sa scholarship na ino-offer nila?

  6. aubrey says:

    ms. betchay, thank you so much for this info. i have been waiting for this since i really want to apply for this scholarship. again, thank you…

  7. Joy says:

    Hi Ma’am Betchay ^^

    I’m Joy from Iloilo City…I was browsing the net when I stumble upon your site..^^ your site is really informative..^^

    Thank you for sharing this info..^^

    Best Regards,
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..Oh My! Iā€™m getting anxious! =-.

  8. champoi says:

    ..T.T I cant leave yet. Still have to earn for my personal expenses because I am not sure if my parents can support me, I graduated from my college degree through a scholarship and still I am independent and have to work for my own…Perhaps September of 2010 I can..I wish meron p…!!!

  9. AM says:

    Hi Betchay – i just know about this scholarship today through a university website. I’m interested in graduate degree in theology pero mukhang wala sa mga degrees offered. Is there any way to check this? I’ll try to email Prof. Abagat. Thank you for the details from your site…More power.Aaplayan ko talaga to…
    .-= AM´s last blog ..Abandoning Blogging =-.

  10. vine says:

    hi ms. betchay! i’ve been reading your blog for months now. and its really good and informative. i’m really interested on this scholarship. my question is…. does CUK only accept those who are graduates from reputable school? thnx

  11. Sandy says:

    Hi ate betchay. . strict po ba sila sa qualifications? I mean kelangan ba deans list or honor students? Kasi last semester there are 25 slots pero 13 scholars lang nakapunta ng korea. . Or maybe its because konti lang ng apply?

  12. Moonlady says:

    @vine : no, the scholarship is open for everyone as long as you have the qualifications.

  13. vine says:

    thnx moonlady!

  14. vine says:

    hi…do we realy have to have a financial supporter? because its indicated on the application form. what if i dont have a financial supporter? thnx again.

  15. yana says:

    hi. im a tourism student. can i apply??:)

  16. Sandy says:

    Moonlady: ahm. . i have all the requirements po. . for masters degree lang po tong scholarship right? any suggestions for me to get accepted? i want it so bad huhu. . and how long po malalaman kung tanggap ka or rejected? are you in korea na po ba?

    Who else i s applying?? sana matanggap din tayo! goodluck to all. .

    • Moonlady says:

      impress them with your papers..kc if di ka pumasa sa paper screening, wala k ng chance mainterview pa..maybe after 3 to 4 weeks before they will send message for interview schedule. gudluck!

  17. twamzy says:

    hi po…I’m diane po from Pampanga and I’m a graduate of Mass Communication….I’m planning to study abroad/korea but I need a scholarship…ask ko lang po kung open na po ang application for scholarship para po next year and kung paano po makakakuha?…and mahirap po bang matanggap o makakuha ng scholarship sa Korea?….thank you po and God bless…^^

  18. Sandy says:

    Moonlady: Thanks for the advice. .Sana matanggap din ako. šŸ˜‰

  19. twamzy says:

    Hi po….where po makakakuha ng application form for the scholarship?…thanks po and God bless… ^^

  20. ;-) says:

    twamzy:andyan po sa taas ung application form. . go go apply na tayo

  21. ;-) says:

    helo po saan po isend ang requirements? sa office of international affairs po ba? thank you;-)

  22. MITCH says:

    Question lang po, is it required to know how to speak and read Korean po?

  23. shobsss says:

    hi! i can’t download the CUK application form and the admission form from the link that you’ve provided. i am really sorry.. but can i ask for a favor? can you email it to me? please please? i have been waiting for this opportunity. please help me. thanks a lot!

  24. shobsss says:

    hi Moonlady! can u email me at please please? i just have some questions to ask regarding the application. please help. thanks!

  25. ;-) says:

    helo po! where po isend ang requirement? please reply po. . thank you

  26. Moonlady says:

    you can send it sa email add na nasa form mismo. Ms. Betchay already provided the link. If you have questions you can send email to me : but I can’t promise that I can/will answer all your questions. Plus the fact that I’m really soooo busy right now.. goodluck sa inyong lahat!..^^

  27. ;-) says:

    moonlady. . thank you very much!

  28. twamzy says:

    @ ;-): complete na po req. mo?…i’m having a problem po kasi with regards sa recommendation letter….kasi po grad. na ako…pwede po kaya na wala recommendation letter….o hindi?… šŸ™ …matagal pa po kasi daw ma-release kasi po busy sa univ….aside dun complete na po req. ko…email me po ->…thanks

    @ moonlady: okay lang po ba na walang recommendation letter o talaga pong must yun….kasi po matatagalan pa daw po bago marelease yung nerequest ko na rec. letter sa school…grad. na po kasi ako…. šŸ™

  29. twamzy says:

    šŸ˜‰ : hi po!… naipass mo na po ba yung mga requirements?…if you have time po please email me po ->….please…thanks thanks^^

  30. ;-) says:

    twamzy: not pa complete requirements ko. . kakaasar nga clinical coordinator ko. . kasi san2x pumupunta. . hirap hagilapin. .ngsend xa sakin recommendation letter sa email ala signature. . so kelangan ko pa xa hanapin ulit for signature. . hay. . ayoko naman sa dean namin kasi masungit yun at mas busy yun. . hanap ka nalang ibang prof mo . .kahit sino naman pwede. .

    moonlady: pwede ba ung recommendation letter alang sign? tru email lng kc nya cnend. . if not, hahanapin ko nlg xa papirma. .

  31. iya says:

    i want to apply…i have one question though…can the monthly stipend as an English assistant sustain my basic needs? I’d like to support myself without asking money from my parents. Thank you and Godbless ^_^

  32. unni says:

    I’ve a “cute” question. LOL. Would the school accept kaya non-catholic students? I’m super curious about this.

  33. sheila says:

    hi, i’m planing to apply for this scholarship… but i have a problem with my original transcript.. matatagalan pa release and di na aabot sa deadline.. is it ok kaya na to follow na lng? i’m about to graduate this march 2010..

    • Moonlady says:

      I think it will be ok, just try to pass the docs that you have right now. Just explain in your email why you can’t pass the other requirements. If they will accept it, then its good for you. If not, wala nmn nawala sau.or maybe ask a letter from your school explaining why they can’t release your TOR…^^

  34. ;-) says:

    Cno ng apply na? i submitted my requirements already. . Sana naman mag response sila sakin. . hehe. . Sa Nov pa daw announcement ng mga nakapasa 4 interview. . Good luck 2 ol applicants. .

  35. sheila says:

    oh.. problem q other documents q.. huhu… 1 week pa ma-release, d na abot sa deadline..

  36. ;-) says:

    sheila: maybe you can apply next semester nalang. . kasi if ever matanggap ka, march 1 daw start ng class. . so 3rd or 4th week ng feb andun kana dpat. .

  37. ;-) says:

    sheila: open mo ung cuk site for the sked. . pero apply ka parin. . sana matanggap tayo. . goodluck!

  38. babycakesss says:

    Hi! I’d like to as the exact e-mail address where to send the document. Thank You! šŸ™‚

  39. noypi says:

    bakit ganun? sent it many times but haven’t received any reply whether they got my mail. . ngreply ba sainyo?? thanks

    • sheila says:

      haven’t received any reply too…

      • Betchay says:

        I think you just have to wait guys. Katatapos lang ng deadline šŸ™‚

        • sheila says:

          I thought they will confirm our application… hehe.. anyway, they gave my interview schedule earlier, knkbahan na q.. weeee… ^_^

          • Gelai says:

            Hi Ms. Sheila. Congratulations! May I know when and where will they conduct the interview? Thanks!
            I also applied but have not receive any reply from them yet.

          • twamzy says:

            @ shiela: really?…when ka naka-sched….me too for interview din….and i’m really nervous too…yay~~

        • erick says:

          Ms Betchay, I’m Erick. Ano po yung exact email address kung saan ipapadala yung application? Nirush ko lang po kasi yung application ko at nasend ko po siya sa at nakaCC po si Prof. Abagat. Pero wala po ako natanggap na confirmation after submiting the documents. My schedule na po ba ng interviews? paano ko po malalaman kung kasali ako sa mga shortlisted? at kung hindi po, any tips kung papaano matatangap…

  40. yhel says:

    wow.. can’t believe i missed it again…. so sad. šŸ™

  41. babycakesss says:

    Thank You Ate Betchay! I was scheduled for an interview. I hope they consider me. šŸ™‚

    • Gelai says:

      Hi Babycakes! I am happy to know that you were chosen for the interview. May I know when and where is your schedule?

      Good luck!

    • ryan says:

      hi babycakesss!
      when did you receive the notice for the interview? around what time? thanks much.

      • babycakesss says:

        Thursday, November 5, 2009 4:17 PM

        Hope that helps. šŸ™‚

        • vince says:

          hi babycakes,

          sad i never received an interview invites, did you make it?

          i am always wonderin that my company’s mails server wasnt able to forward my mails to my mailbox including CUK’s.

          If its okay with you pls. send us the list of the students shorlisted for interview (theone on the mailing list of the mail from CUK you received)

          congratulations an di hope you made it

          • babycakesss says:

            Thank you. Those who made it will be notified after two to three weeks. I’m praying but not really expecting. hehe.

            I can check if your e-mail add is on the list. Although, I only have the group scheduled for November 10 (2:40pm). I’d like to respect the privacy of the other applicants, I’m in no place to give out their personal information. I hope you understand. šŸ™‚

            If it helps, Dr. Abagat mentioned that applicants who are not chosen for the interview/program do not receive any notification. Korean culture, I guess. Hope that helps.

            Thanks again!

            • Betchay says:

              ^^ Hi babycakesss… I hope you get chosen. I don’t think not receiving any notification is specifically Korean. Even in our country, when you apply for a job you don’t always get an interview.

              • babycakesss says:

                Thank you po! We were all chatting with Dr. Abagat kasi and I think she wanted to suggest na pati yung hindi mga nakuha i-notify din. hehe. I won’t be expecting pero I’ll be hoping and praying really hard.

                Thank You po!

  42. ryan says:

    hi babycakesss!

    when did you receive notice for the interview? around what time? thanks much

  43. ryan says:

    thanks much babycakesss for your reply.

  44. ryan says:

    anybody who has received the notice for interview today?

  45. sheila says:

    Ms. Gelai: Thank you!! my interview is on nov.11, 12:30pm @ intercontiental manila hotel…

  46. ryan says:

    hi sheila! when you received the notice, sayo lang ba nakaaddress ung email or included din yung iba?

  47. ryan says:

    hi downfall! wala pa me receive notice? how about you?

  48. ryan says:

    hi babycakesss!

    when you received the notice, sayo lang ba nakaaddress ung email or included din yung iba?

  49. Gelai says:

    for those who were interviewed… meron na po bang nakatanggap sa inyo ng notice of acceptance? diba sabi po nila na 2 to 3 weeks nila irerelease ang results?

  50. Gelai says:

    oo nga po Ms. Betchay… I’m very nervous about the result. I hope i’ll get it. Thank you po for posting about the CUK Graduate Scholarship for Filipinos in your blog. When asked kung saan po namin nalaman ang tungkol sa scholarship, sabi ko po through your blog. Most po kasi ng mga nakasabay ko sa interview, sa mga respective universities/professors po nila nalaman about this.

    Salamat po! More power to your BLOG šŸ™‚

  51. erick says:

    no one even bothered to reply to my simple question..Congrats sa mga nainterview šŸ™‚ Galinghan niyo dun pag nakuha kayo šŸ™‚ sana makakuha din ako ng scholarship. Yes at sana inotify naman mga di nakuha kasi naghihintay kami sa wala. Salamat.

  52. Gelai says:


    any update guys? it’s been 3 weeks and 2 days!
    I am just wondering if the university already released the names of those applicants who made it.

  53. twamzy says:

    @ gelai:
    nope…wala pa reply sa akin eh…still waiting…may results na ba?…

  54. babycakesss says:

    They’re really making us wait. Most probably, no news about it over the weekend. We have to wait until next week, again.

  55. babycakesss says:

    Scratch that, December 21 or 22 pa.

  56. babycakesss says:

    Results are out and will be released this week. Let’s all pray kids!

    • twamzy says:

      @Ms. Babycakesss: Are the results out already?…thanks^^

      • babycakesss says:

        No not yet. Sabi ni Maam Ems, the list is ready but it needs to be approved by the President first. He was busy today and couldn’t meet with the one holding the list, so it’s a little delayed. Maam Ems also mentioned that the final list will be posted on CUK’s site: But, I’m not 100% sure if I have the right web link. Hope that helps. Let’s all hope for the best! šŸ™‚

  57. RIchard says:

    Goodluck po sa atin….i guess tomorrow will be the day
    mas matindi p ung feeling ng waiting compared sa mag rides ka sa enchanted kingdom


  58. Ica says:

    Are the results out? I am so excited for you guys upon knowing that the results will be released this week. I think other people who did not apply but read the thread will feel the same way. My prayers are for all of you.

    Btw, if there are available scholarships 4th quarter next year, please inform me ha…

  59. twamzy says:

    are the results out already?…thanks…^^

  60. Gelai says:

    I’m IN šŸ™‚ received my notice of admission this morning!

    thank you MS. BETCHAY!!!

  61. _y_ says:

    I got in! Who else did?

  62. joy says:

    Ms. Gelai,

    I’ m happy for you! Ako walang natanggap na notice, which means i am not accepted šŸ™ well, i have to move on. that’s life…hay…

    Ano ang course mo? may balita ka ba kung ilan kaung natanggap?

    Again, congrats, and have a nice trip to Korea!

    • Gelai says:

      Thanks JOY! My major will be international relations. wala pa akong balita kung ilan lahat nakatanggap ng norice of admission..

      Thanks again =)

  63. jha says:

    Hi, Gelai. Congrats!!!

    • Gelai says:

      thanks JHA šŸ™‚ GOD BLESS!

      • Erick says:

        Gelai-congrats šŸ™‚
        Gelai can u email me the address/email address kung saan mo nisend yung application forms and other docs mo dati? kasi feeling ko maling address yung pinadalahan ko. salamat po. You may send that to (if you have free time)
        Thank you šŸ˜‰

        • Gelai says:

          Thanks Erick!

          I sent my application to

          according to Prof. Abagat from 100+ applicants, only 37 were invited for an interview. they screened the documents of all those who applied and notified only those who passed the document screening.

          • Erick says:

            Thanks Gelai for the response.

            And congratulations again šŸ™‚

            Sana my chance pa mga hindi napili for next semester šŸ˜‰

            Thank you again šŸ˜‰

  64. Elliot says:

    I also bagged it. Perhaps we could meet sometime in Korea, Ms. Betch.

  65. twamzy says:

    Ms. Betchay!
    I’m in! šŸ™‚
    Thank you soooooooo much!
    God bless you and your family always!!!! šŸ™‚

  66. Elliot says:

    Do I have interview batchmates who got awarded? I was screed last Nov 10, am.
    .-= Elliot´s last blog ..Need I Say More? =-.

  67. Jha says:

    Congrats to all who made it!!! See you all in korea…

  68. Elliot says:

    @ Ms. Jha: ^^ Are you studying in CUK? Can I ask you some questions regarding the scholarship?

    @Ms. Betch: Haha. Naudlot po eh. continuation lang ito. yey picnic! ^__^
    .-= Elliot´s last blog ..Need I Say More? =-.

  69. Cai says:

    Congrats to all who got the scholarship! I am in too, very grateful to Ms. Betchay for posting the information on her blog. I hope to see you there in Korea. ^^

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  70. downfall says:

    awww.. congrats to all! hope to meet you all when i go there.. for vacation. =) i did’t make it. owellll

  71. Joanne says:

    Is there any available scholarship grant in Korea for Filipino youth like me? I’m sixteen and will be graduating next year. I’m digging the net for this.

  72. iya says:

    Hi everyone! CUK is once again offering scholarships for Pinoys this coming fall semester (September 2010). Deadline is on March 7, 2010. I’ll definitely apply this time! Yay! check this URL for more infos:

  73. cutiebhebz says:

    hi miss betchay,
    maari ko po b mlmn kung anu ung mga courses ang pwede mag apply sa graduate program?how about BSN grad po last April ?im here in seoul po kz nktira and hndi po ako nagwowork.f3 kz visa ko.dala ko din po mga transcript ko and other certificates.interesado po kz ako mag aral d2 sa seoul.hope to hear from u soon.thank u po for this very informative helps a lot.

    • Betchay says:

      click mo lang yung link sa baba para sa google docs at makikita mo sa document yung “field of study”

      good luck sa ‘yo

      • hyacint says:

        hi poh.. i just happen to open this site while looking for scholarship programs abroad.. and nung nacheck q ung about dito sa CUK scholarship i was so interested.. kaya lang tapos na yung deadline.. mag-oopen po kaya cla ulit? i really like to apply for this.. ms.betchay do u know when cla ulit mag-aaccept ng applications?

  74. annie says:

    hi everyone!!!
    I am a nurse by profession but i want to pursue my masteral in korea.
    i would like to ask if CUK is offering scholarship for nursing graduate?

  75. Shuvo says:

    There are more scholarship for filipinos students. Check out the blog If you want further information.

    .-= Shuvo´s last blog ..USA: Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Progam 2011/2012 For Tunisian Students =-.

  76. hyacint says:

    hi poh.. i just happen to open this site while looking for scholarship programs abroad.. and nung nacheck q ung bout dito sa CUK scholarship i was so interested.. kaya lang tapos na yung deadline.. mag-oopen po kaya cla ulit? i really like to apply for this.. do u guyz know when cla ulit mag-aaccept ng applications?

  77. angel says:

    hey can you help me get a scholarship in that school for 2011-2012 ? please ? this may be the first step in finding my dad šŸ˜

  78. angel says:

    or maybe in some other universities in Seoul .. i really need to go there .. please comment back guys or send me an email . please .. your help would really be very much appreciated šŸ™

  79. JT says:

    Hi Ma’am, I’m desperately in search for scholarship grants in Korea until I came across with this site… its really informative and interesting. But sadly, I missed the deadline. šŸ™

    Is there any chance na mag-se-screen po ulit ang CUK for applicants anytime this year or for 2011?

    I’m looking forward po for your reply. Thank you po. šŸ™‚

  80. Kristina says:

    hi there..kakabasa ko lang po nung about sa scholarship..interesado po ako.. ok pa po ba yung program?? nagaacept po ba sila ng applicant ngayon?? graduating na po ako e..

  81. K says:

    may available scholarship pa din po ba para sa spring sem 2011? pano po mag-apply if ever na meron…


  82. eric says:

    Hi po. tanong k lang po kung may graduate scholarship offering pa din in CUK for 2011? Thanks!!

  83. Rachel says:

    Hi po~! Matagal na po akong reader ng blog nyo po. Kasi po, dati ko pa nakita tong page po na to about a post graduate scholarship to S.Korea. I’d just like to ask po kung limited lang yung mga inooffer na courses for the scholarship, or pede pong mag apply yung applicant ng course na pipiliin? I’m going to graduate po kasi this march, and I plan to apply po dito sa scholarship, as soon as I pass my board examinations eh.

    Thanks po in advance for any information given. šŸ™‚

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Rachel! Meron ata silang list ng graduate program na pwede apply-an. Pero huling dinig ko eh hindi na konektado sa CUK si Prof. Abagat. Sa Gyeongju U na siya this year.

  84. Rachel says:

    Ah. Okay po. Thank you very much po for the information~! šŸ™‚

  85. kasandra says:

    sayang..ngaun lng ako nakavisist sa website na to….tapos na yung deadline ng submission ng application….diba para yun sa school yr. 2011?….di na ba tumatanggap kapag late na?..

  86. kitkat says:

    hello po..
    full scholarship po ba inooffer nila kasama food and allowance expenses?or the tuition lang po?

  87. ann says:

    hello po, meron po kaya scholarship ulit CUK for spring semester, 2012? when po kaya submission and deadline and requirements po kaya ? im very interested po…tnx po…

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