Teaching Koreans to Walk on the Right

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  1. klyte says:

    is this something new miss betchay? my friends always tell me to stay on the right side when using the escalator coz the left side is for those who are in a hurry, sort of like a passing lane when you’re driving on a freeway right? and this is something i would always remember coz one time an ajoshi said something to me coz i was in the way. confusing!

    • Betchay says:

      hi klyte! that’s for the escalator… the direction of the escalator used to be on the left, then they changed it to the right… now people has to walk on the right side

  2. aubrey says:

    so true…i used to live in Busan for almost two years and I always end up crashing with a Korean when i go up or down the stairs. its difficult when you are so used to the right and everyone is on the left side.

  3. yciafrancia says:

    its nice to know that u know too much about koreans.. how many years have u been there?

  4. Joon says:

    I guess you are not originally from Korea. How many years you have been stayed in Korea. You seem you know much more than I do
    .-= Joon´s last blog ..Amazing life in Seoul with great subway system =-.

  5. elyoka says:

    that is another funny thing i witnessed in korea. eventhough there are no one in a hurry, no one will misuse the right side of the escalator! koreans are so principled =)

  1. January 31, 2010

    […] -1.7 fold (however this seems subjective). Seoul is changing not only their signage but also the direction of escalators and moving airport […]

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