A camera from KTO

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  1. algol says:

    akina yong luma mo!
    j/k hehe
    .-= algol´s last blog ..Mussorgsky Salonen =-.

  2. Nicole says:

    Nice.. 14.7mp. Sana maganda din yung pics.XD

  3. kayni says:

    i want a new camera too…lol. i can’t wait to see how the pics will look like.
    .-= kayni´s last blog ..Weekend? =-.

  4. eden says:

    Ah that’s so nice ate! 14.7 mp + HD video,actually better than a starter DSLR. ^^

  5. Reiner says:

    Nice….any particular reason why KTO gave it to you? I know that they are running some sort of a contest but can’t remember what is it now.

  6. yan says:

    congrats miss ana!!!
    .-= yan´s last blog ..A.N.JELL + Jang Geun Seok=LOVE =-.

  7. jehan says:

    i love the pink case…
    .-= jehan´s last blog ..The Departure and Arrival Days… =-.

  8. sendzki says:

    kk …nice! ^^ will be visiting ur place always
    .-= sendzki´s last blog ..late na naman =-.

  9. arvinsign says:

    Congrats Betch. Great camera especially considering the fact that its free. To get the facts straight,the 14.7 megapixel is just a hype, as well as in some other models (whether its Canon, Nikon or Leica), primarily because of the sensor size which is roughly 5-7x smaller than an entry level dSLR (APS-C sensor). So Yes, its better than a 10 megapixel digital camera, BUT its NOT better than an entry level digital SLR (even with the bonus HD function).

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Arvinsign! I was thinking of selling the camera (and my old Canon) to get a DSLR and really learn photography (kasi na-inspire ako sa mga pictures mo), but for now I really just need a camera to take pictures and videos of my son.

  1. March 19, 2010

    […] are some of the pictures I took with the Samsung NV100-HD I got from the Korea Tourism Organization: [Show as slideshow] […]

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