Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park

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  1. Juan says:

    wow thats great! She is half filipina and i think you need something for your outfit better visit my site you will find exactly fits on your personality. LOL!
    .-= Juan´s last blog ..A shoe with a smile! =-.

    • gacktcamui says:

      Hi Juan!

      Are you referring to Sandara Park? coz she is not half filipina. She is pure Korean it’s just that her family lived in the Philippines for couple of years and she started her career there when she joined a talent search.

      • Joan says:

        Hi gacktmui
        I’m from Philippines and I really sandara ever since.
        Many people think here that she’s half filipino coz she stayed her for long time. Don’t be too mad to the people who think she’s half filipino.maybe they are lacking in knowing some detailed bout dara. From the start I know she’s pure korean but my sisters thought she’s not and I correct them for that. 🙂 nyway let’s just spread that she’s really pure korean coz there are still many people think she is half filipino.
        LoVe yah sandy!!Don’t forget filipino fans love u and support 2ne1 all the way.

  2. april says:

    just wish the commercial won’t be as cheesy as the one with Jessica Gomez! at please wag na pasayawin si Lee Min Ho!

  3. algol says:

    masarap naman ang Hite ah.
    pag nasanay ka nga, parang mas masarap pa kay sa SMB

  4. Charisse says:

    So proud of Sandy. She deserves all the blessings coming her way!

  5. Emma says:

    ~ is there a good Korean beer at all?

    Hite tsaka Max. Pero Max ang favorite ko.. Inom tayu nun minsan ^^
    .-= Emma´s last blog ..An Evening of Culture and History. =-.

  6. merlie says:

    bakit crush ba jun pyo c sandara?

  7. sendzki says:

    mahal ko si sandara…sobrang mahal ko talaga siya!!!
    .-= sendzki´s last blog ..mga munting alaala =-.

  8. monic says:

    i like jun pyo
    because cute kasi siya eh!!
    at gwapo hmmm..

  9. monic says:

    gusto ko si jun pyo kasi ang cute niya at gwapo
    gusto ko siyang makita sa personal,..
    wish q yun,.. hmmm

  10. bhessy says:

    hay naku di cla bagay cla minho and sandara park di ako sang ayon dyan kc ako para kay lee minho at jan di lng oki hahaha

  11. taddy says:

    i just read in loveminho.com that there was a kissing scene beside the han river and the 2 stars embracing up… well at least thats what fans saw. Saw cass beer cf with jessica gomez, they were hot also but in the end it was a typical modern young love, too short and driven. Hope Dara’s and Minhos would be kind of lasting.

  12. rainie says:

    wow nice swerte ni9 sandy good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  13. grace says:

    hi guyzzz!!!!!wow!gnda tlaga
    ni sandy…bgay sla ni jun pyo
    sana magkaroon sla ng drama
    hoy add nyo nman ako sa facebook nyo
    at fs.hony171991_@y.c
    tnx guyzzzzz…GBU.

  14. jegs says:

    ana, im gonna see 2ne1 on the 19th! sorry i was not able to mail your book yet..hirap tumakas sa office..are u watching on the 19th..hope we can meet that weekend so i can hand u your long overdue books:)

  15. j0wek ;) says:

    pgxur mo oiup… 😉

  16. mhica says:

    lubx ko na tlga c sandara lalo na jan pa lee min ho ehhhh

  17. eden says:

    Can’t wait to see their CF or photo shoot. haha
    .-= eden´s last blog ..Make-up Must Haves =-.

    • jesa says:

      hai jun pyo pogi mo talaga…….i’m ur 1 fans!!! maggawa uli sana kau ng palbas sa abs-cbn…f4 is the bezt””’….always take care…f4…

  18. drgeme says:

    galing naman ni sandy…nakita ko na pix nyo ni minho bagay na bagay kayo…

  19. . . ,=D…..,, hi!!!!!?
    ang gwafo tlga ni jun pyo!!!!!
    xbra.God Blexz!!!!!!!!!!jun!!!!
    alwayz in God!!!!!!

  20. . . ,=A=…..,
    2 Rj.
    sori gd hah!!!!!!!!!!!
    az in!!!!!!!!!
    xgi bye mwaaaaah….
    God bleszzzzz!!!!!!!u
    and Marz.

  21. ………….Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God blesz!!!!!!!mwaaaaaah.

  22. ash says:

    Nice talaga cLang tingnan!
    As in..
    Never thought this tandem wud happen..
    Luve u both!

  23. SUMMER says:

    haha sikat na si sandara sa korea anu naman kaya ang masasabi ni hero ?? ahehe sayang din eung labteam nila dati,, haha ang ganda pa naman nila tignan together,. how could he break up with her for sum reasons ??? pinakawalan nea si sandara ,, anu sxa ngaun ?? ahihi !!

  24. nica says:

    i see the video of Dara of 2ne1 and she from Philippines and know she is the partner of the handsome boy lee min ho.

  25. rox says:

    yep. sandara is pure korean and not half-filipina.
    oh i envy sandara for kissing lee min ho. hehehe!
    .-= rox´s last blog ..Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks His Own Urine =-.

  26. edz says:

    the commercial was quite good yet interesting.But in just my own opinion,maybe they can also choose koo hye sun or well-known as geum jandi.Because theyre really suits well and they had a great chemistry that makes their fans go crazy.But im still a fan of that commercial…….

  27. edz says:

    One more thing is i think lee min ho and koo hye sun deserves a follow-up projects after the success of their tandem in boys over flowers.Im one of theyre million fans.Just want you to know that min ho with sandara park in a commercial is such a good idea.But,i hope my favorite loveteam would also be able to grab that kind of opportunity.

  28. crismae says:

    sana magkaroon kau ng movie together

  29. ren says:

    we love you dara…
    ur the best..


    we will support you dara…

    go go go dara…

  30. Hi,lee min ho how are u to day . God bless you

  31. ricaford says:

    grabe,, shetness

    ang swerte ni sandy ever…

    pakilala mo ko kay lee min ho ha..


    sana magkaroon cla ng series.. shet power

  32. RELA says:

    HAY.bagaAy TlagA keO. . . . .

  33. RELA says:

    sna PumunTah Keo d2 S PinaS . .And Mag-ConcerT toGetheR . . . .

  34. rj says:

    ok lang naman, ang commercial nila pewo para sa akin min ho parin at ku hye sun forever…………………………

  35. jenny says:

    sandara is one of a kind. She´s so beautiful and amazing. she´s really good in 2ne1 and now shes very fantastic in cas comercial with lee min ho. they are both my idol. hope they wud make a series or a movie together…that would gunna be hit.. they´re so cute… saranghae….

  36. chen says:

    I think LEE MIN HO and SANDARA PARK ROCKs the advertising industry in ASIA! Because of MINHO’s popularity, CASS Beer will spread its name around ASIA and in Philippines because of SANDARA! Hope to see them soon working together on FILM. They look GOOD together!

  37. albergal1012 says:

    although sandara is the last one “in” she proved to be the most popular one
    in 2ne1 and teaming her with lee min ho would be great. am not sure if loveteams are as popular in korea as in the philippines

  38. kalla says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww sandara is so flirt to jun pyo she’s disgusting eww she’s not perfect for here and she is not perfect to join the band

  39. diana says:

    in real life ba, close na ba sila????? sana oo, because there so sweet and nakakakilig sobra… kasi perfect match cla………..

  40. jesa says:

    dara astig kau sa 2ne1….ana galing nyong sumayaw,,,grabe …..xna pmunta kau sa phillipines sa mindoro……we love 2ne1….muahhhh

  41. ei phyu says:

    lee min ho i miss u so much!!!!!!

  42. sandara is not good for lee min ho . I am not saying that she is pretty , she is , but lee min ho already gave his words : which is he likes goo/koo/ku/gu hye sun . She is min ho’s type of girl . Unfortunately , gu/ku/goo/koo hye sun was crushing to someone for a while . Sandara and Lee Min Ho looks good together but i see MINSUN better . No offense , but lee min ho really likes goo hye sun .

  43. Krizia says:

    Hi min ho ure handsome alam mo crush kta at bgy kyo ni ku hye sun sana magkaroon ky ulit ng drama saranghe min ho and f4

  44. virginia acodili says:

    hi sandy kmusta kna jn? my remembrance k s amin ng anak ko nung pumunta k s sn sucat nagpa picture tyo karga mo p ung baby ko ayun pina laminate ko p ung pix ntin..iloveyou sandy…

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