Teaching Hangeul and Filipino Culture

I got a call this afternoon from the Women Migrants’ Center. The coordinator of the “Hangeul Gangsa” class asked me if I could attend the class today.

Right after coming back from my vacation, I visited the Center for the opening ceremony of my Korean class. I started my intermediate classes this year and I’m halfway through the course. I also got invited to join the “Korean language teacher” and the “cultural teaching” training classes. The first class would enable us to teach basic Hangeul to immigrants, including foreign wives and guest workers; while the second class would train us to teach our own culture to kindergartners and grade schoolers.

I wasn’t confident at first to take the language trainer course. After all, my level isn’t what you’d expect from someone who’d lived here for six years. I thought that I’d work harder on learning the language while doing the training. I would love to continue with the “cultural teaching” class. Only the Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipinos were invited to this training class and I could guess the reason why.

It’s unfortunate that these classes are scheduled on weekdays. I have missed two sessions and I don’t think I could attend anymore. It’s such a good opportunity to help “newbies” or new immigrants adjust not only with the language but with the culture as well.

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