Skyscrapers, Celadon and Kimchi: A Korean Notebook

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  1. Nicole says:

    I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find one in campus.. But I’ll go look for it, most definitely, for you.^^ We have a store in UP Diliman where the books published by the University Press is found. They still carry the rare ones, sometimes. Try ko ate. Then I’ll send it over to you, if ever.^^

  2. owbEe says:

    How about the UP Diksyonaryong Filipino? Do they also have one there?
    .-= owbEe´s last blog ..Entertainment Live’s interview with Dara of 2NE1 =-.

  3. Nicole says:

    Got the book te.^^ hehe.XD

    @owbee: Yep, may copies pa po ata nyan even sa National Bookstore.XD

  4. owbEe says:

    Wow. Thanks Nicole. I’ll try to get that once I get back to the Phil. ^^

    Do you have any idea how much that costs?
    .-= owbEe´s last blog ..Entertainment Live’s interview with Dara of 2NE1 =-.

    • Nicole says:

      @owbee and ate betchay

      Sale pati sa SM mamaya kaya makikipagsikisan talaga ako ngayon. hehe.XD Hahanapin ko sa SM north – National Bookstore yung UP Diksyonaryong Pilipino.. Kung wala, try ko sa UP Press. Sa college namin, may mga book sales minsan at for sale sa kanila yung bagong copies ng UP Diksyonaryong Pilipino (hardbound), kaya hindi po malabong makakuha pa.^^ Hindi ko nga lang alam ang price.. baka libo na po.

  5. Nicole says:

    AYUN. Found it. Anvil pala ang nagpupublish nung dictionary… at for sale pa talaga.XD

  6. owbEe says:

    Magakano yung book Nicole? Miss ko na talaga Pinas. Hay.
    .-= owbEe´s last blog ..Entertainment Live’s interview with Dara of 2NE1 =-.

  7. owbEe says:

    Naku sorry ate betchay. Nagchat na kami dito. Hehe.
    .-= owbEe´s last blog ..Entertainment Live’s interview with Dara of 2NE1 =-.

  8. Keniegirl4 says:

    Hello! been a reader/fan of your blog for months now. I love everything korean, have learned hangeul(a bit), have so many korean friends and I’m planning to visit Korea. Btw, I have the book, I have a friend in UP Press and he gave it to me for free. I had it sent here in Abu Dhabi. Can I read it first before sending it to you\9if u still wnat it), I’ve been curious about it since I read
    your post.

    • Betchay says:

      Hi Keniegirl14! Thank you so much for the offer. I received the copy sent by Nicole yesterday. I read it on the subway and I finished it today. It’s not quite long but pretty interesting. A lot of the things she’d experienced more than 25 years ago are still true until today. I mostly agree with her views on Korean women. It’s an pretty interesting read and I liked the overall tone of the book.

  9. Keniegirl4 says:

    *if u still want it

  10. owbEe says:

    Is that a good book ate betchay?
    .-= owbEe´s last blog ..Feelings and more feelings =-.

  11. Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo says:

    Hi. Am very pleased you liked my book. Hope you find the time and inclination the others though they might not be about Korea. 🙂

  12. fbeats says:

    thanks .thanks
    thanks very much for share
    i will try to follow this blog

  13. Sharline says:

    I found the book in UP Press’ booth at the Manila Book Fair in 2008. Rare find, but I’m sure you can ask UP Press if they still have copies. It’s very good, and Mrs Hidalgo’s writing style is engaging.
    .-= Sharline´s last blog ..tinnywonks: @A_romanoff Oui, j’aime ce genre, parce que mes oncles joue les chansons toujours! =-.

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