Car Tax Cut

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  1. Sam says:

    actually Hyundai released their first Hybrid in Korea several weeks ago (July 8th), the Avante LPi Hybrid. i know cause i just bought one. runs on LPG (50% cheaper than gas). it’s supposedly the cheapest car to operate in the world. you might want to consider it. costs around 21,000,000 to 25,000,000 won.

  2. myla says:

    hi betchay. i hope you still remember me, i emailed you back in the philippines 2 months ago and now here i am, in korea. we’ve actually been here for 2 weeks now and i’d like to ask you something. i’m going to ask my husband to buy me a car, a second hand car . do you think its a good idea? buying a 2nd hand car here in Korea? or better still a new one? coz honestly i dont want to be cooped in our house while taking care of my 2 kids ,we’d better go outside sometimes while hubby is in the office. My husband just bought a new car and i dont want to burden him with another new one so i’ll be asking for a 2nd hand? is it wise? Do we have to pay a lot for taxes and insurance if its 2nd hand? i need all the info i can get so that i can work it out with my husband if ever, Really, i dont have any idea. thanks in advance for the help.

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