Lee Min Ho poster and Wawa Girl

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23 Responses

  1. Kristina says:

    wow. Lee Min HO poster, I want that.

  2. Apple says:

    I want to participate

    Good luck! I am a visitor of your site almost everyday. I tried subscribing to your rss feeds, but I wasn’t able to yet.

    But I will always drop by to this site.

    Best regards!
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Visit Sagada =-.

  3. peachy says:

    i’ll gladly have that, too. thanks.

  4. Randy says:

    i want that poster and magazine.. 🙁

  5. jeannella says:

    i want that lee min ho’s poster i’ll be happy to have that i really adore Lee Min Ho

  6. izzie says:

    i love it.. how acquire this stuff? thanks..

  7. akee says:

    my friend is a lee min ho addict. rofl. I should ask her to visit your site to participate. 😀

  8. aine says:

    i want it ^^

  9. zhakhii says:

    i really want that !
    can i have it please???

    coz, last july 8 was my bday ..
    no one cares to give me a present ..

    i was very sad that day ..but i tried 2 enjoy that day ..by keep on watching bof ..again and again !!=)

    i will be very happy if u will give that poster 2 me..

    anyway ..itz up 2 u guyz if u will choose me ..
    thank you very muchhh !


  10. izzie says:

    it seems like where going to have a bidding for the poster and magazine.. wooohooo! :p

    • Betchay says:

      nah… i’ll use random number picker like before
      i still one copy of that magazine with a poster but i don’t know where i’d put it

  11. jacq says:

    yatta, me want the poster and mag too~~


  12. REN says:

    I want! I want! I’m a fan!!!! (Your Website and the Drama of course!) Would love to have this….

  13. annie says:

    want! want! hehehe

  14. Madzda says:

    I was searchn 4 a site,wer i cud read ol bwt korea.. Den i found ur blog.. Now,i alwayz chek ur site 2 b updated.. Nway, im also a minho fanatic..i want 2 join..hope il b pick..il b prayin.. Tnx!

  15. Madzda says:

    Hope i can have 8..hehe ders no way dat i can buy 8,since 8s frm korea..kinda hav hard tym lookn 4 poster coz im at province most of tym..

  16. Car says:

    pick me ate betchay!

  17. kimchigeol says:

    I would very much want to have that 🙂
    Hope I win with the random number picking thing… ^^

  18. Ren says:

    Ooooh I’m keeping my finger crossed!!! I want to have this one!!!!

  19. izzie says:

    i’m not lucky when it comes to lottery..

    *cross fingers*

    God knows who need it most 🙂

  20. Jan Di says:

    That magazine is cute I want to have one of that!

  21. Ren says:

    So cool to have that, wish I could be so lucky! If not, well congrats to the one who’s getting it! I love Lee Minho!!!

  22. monica says:

    i want that magazine!!
    good luck to all of us.

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