Lee Min Ho poster and Wawa Girl

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  1. jo says:

    me! me! me! hehe..huge big bang and BoF fan here…what do i need to do po? hehehe

  2. mye says:

    i love it betchay! =) can i have it? he-he-he

    myes last blog post..Heat Mania

  3. Keniegirl4 says:

    me too please

  4. joanne yumol says:

    i am intersted! until now im a huge fan of bof especially lee minho!:Dplease.please.:D btw, ate betchay, last may 11,2009, the abscbn had finally aired the first episode of boys over flowers.:D

  5. george says:

    hi ms betchay.. pwede po saken na lang? plsss.. wala akong pakialam kng korean, hehehe.. it will serve as my super inspiration to learn korean πŸ™‚ pls.

  6. Keniegirl4 says:

    sa akin na lang po kc andito ako ngayon sa abu dhabi, wala akong makausap na korean, sayang lang yung isang taong pag-aaral na ginawa ko sa pinas, nakakalimutan ko na tuloy mag korean, please po…

  7. Trisha says:

    i want it. <3 BOF. I even help run a blog about it.


  8. .aRvZ. says:

    i really want it..hahah^^
    i wish i can have it..:)

  9. irene sosas says:

    miss! please pick me! i really could use it! promise i’ll care for it like my own child.. please!!!!

  10. Christine says:


    μž‘μ§€ ν•΄μ£Όμ„Έμš”.
    Lol.. does that make sense? hehehe.. I am learning Korean.. slowly..and on my own.. I would like to practice reading in hangul but there aren’t any real korean books or mags available where I am..just language books πŸ™
    I looooved BOF..Korean version is by far the best and closest to Hana Yori Dango manga.. Kim Hyun Joong oppa was awesome <3.. loooved the whole cast!

    Anyways just wanted to put in my dibs for ur give away! I really want it and would appreciate it just as much as anyone here.. hehehe.

    Btw.. ur blog is really enjoyable and informative, especially for us who would like to visit Korea one day.


  11. laine says:

    μ•ˆλ…• ^^
    i want it^^
    i’m a huge fan of BOF ^^ i love girls generation especially their song, gee^^ and i love big bang too^^
    i wish i can have it^^ hehe

  12. Nixx says:

    omggggg i wanttttt <333

  13. kemberlyn says:

    OMG!!! i want it Ü

  14. car says:

    I hope I’ll win this time. *Fingers crossed*. ^.^

  15. Mich says:

    I want it bad, please….
    <3 <3 <3

  16. sarah says:

    i’m interested po. i need to practice Hangeul… help! just finished my 100 hrs of korean language training at TESDA. pls give me 1 po. thanks!

  17. Viviene says:

    2 of my students are crazy over Boys over Flowers! Head over heels!

    Vivienes last blog post..Common mistakes

  18. carmen espiritu says:

    hi mis bechay!!! Im so much interested with this one!!! what do i need po>??

  19. 2Xo says:

    can i have a copy too..

  20. ren says:

    I am always trying my luck and crossing my fingers! I am in love with Lee Min Ho!

  21. Jackie says:

    I am so interested! I want this poster! =D

  22. akee says:

    aww. very interested! *crosess fingers*

  23. angie says:

    Wow!!! Can i get one please?! what do i have to do?.. and nga pala, can someone go and teach english in korea even if she doesn’t have any teaching experience? im just curious. thanks!!!

  24. Andre says:

    Is this still on? I too would like to have it~

  25. puh says:

    i dont like it…guys you can have it…

  26. sunnie says:

    i want this ms bechay! hehe.

  27. kim says:

    akin na lang po to…
    crush ko po kz talaga si junpyo…
    okie lang po kahit indi ko maintindihan..

  28. jehan says:

    pwede sumali ate betchay? not a bof fan but napanaginipan ko sila bigla kagabi, wahahahaha.

  29. arianne says:

    i’m so so so want it..
    adik ako sa BOF!
    at sa OST nila..
    gaganda po kasi..
    sana naman ako naman..
    hindi ako pinalad sa mga una nyo pong giveaways pero..
    i’ll still try my luck..
    thank you po ate betchay;)))

  30. jandi says:

    sali!!! sana manalo nanaman na!!XD

  31. gelo says:


  32. Frances says:

    Please give it to me! I love Big Bang, BOF and SNSD to bits! Please!

  33. Maggie says:

    really??!! how sweet, my sisters will luv it, hope you can s give one to me, just let me know if this is ok, thanks:-)

  34. Mana says:

    wow!! this will really help to improve my korean learning process as my teacher says i need to read more korean…plus i love Lee min ho and BOF!!
    are you still giving away the magazine?

  35. eyna says:

    pwede sakin na lang…souvenir

  36. shiela says:

    me,me,and me!

    im an avid fan of BOF!
    i want it badly!

    here’s my address..
    rizal, quirino,isabela 3321 philippines!

    send it to me pls..

    thank you sooo much!
    i’l wait for it!

  37. Carinne says:

    No interest in this gift, however I can’t deny BOF will be around for awhile. I like LMH’s latest song “Extreme” and his MV is kim chi hot! ^__^

  38. Hi Ms. Anna!

    Is it alright if you can contribute it to Lee Minho Philippines? We are having our first gathering on June 21, 2009. We will use it as one of our prizes.

    We will handle the shipping fees if necessary.

    Thank you very much. πŸ™‚

    • george says:

      @ thebluespirit

      im also a member of lee min ho ph (www.leeminhoph.com) but since july 3, di ko na ma access yung site πŸ™ ano po nangyare? nakaka lungkot naman..

  39. russel says:

    oh my… i’m interested… i do not have enough money to buy such..

  40. yan says:

    ate betchay!!! (right hand up)…ako poh!!!^____^

    yans last blog post..oh i miss them…

  41. anne says:

    hello i love lee min ho haha =)

  42. anne says:

    i hope f4 will come to the philippines..!!

  43. anne says:

    hehe lee min ho is very handsome..!

  44. Karen Marie says:

    May I?Hehehe..i love that magazine…even though i cant understand the inside of it,,i add that as a collection..heres my yahoo messenger id: karen_igcasan

  45. KIM says:


  46. jeanelyn says:

    give me one …

    im addicted in BOF…

  47. nini says:

    i am just a fan of u minho

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