Home security and peace of mind

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  1. monti says:

    i heard from my aunt that houses in the states especially a neighborhood of detached houses without fences signifies that the neighborhood is safe to live at that’s why it commands a higher price in the market. neighborhood with tall fences and gates and windows with railings projects an unsafe neighborhood.

    • Aaron says:

      That observation somewhat holds true even here in Canada. Over here, different neighbourhoods are mostly fenced, so you can identify one from another. Houses tend to put fences in between their next-door neighbours, but only the sides and the back. Looking from the streets the houses on one side seem to have a common front yard. Although, more fences does not necessarily mean “unpeaceful neighbourhoods”.

  2. drsnowmon says:

    especially in America “good neighborhood” is pricey. Good neighborhood usually have more police cars patrolling the area, thus less crime.

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