Sympathies for the Lady Doctor

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  1. kayni says:

    this hayden kho is one sick puppy. he needs to see a shrink. i only saw one video and this is with katrina halili. i haven’t heard of this video with dr. reyes yet.

    • Betchay says:

      the careless whisper video… i read there are more videos… hayden kho is now called as “dr. hidden khodak” by some netizens

  2. SHOCKED says:

    I also feel for Maricar Reyes. Everything about her is ruined, only because she made love to a filthy, disgusting maniac! I am really upset at how this son of a demon Hayden Kho destroy a life. I want him peeled to death!!!

  3. jehan says:

    oh, this man is sick…

  4. cameron says:

    when i fist heard about katrina-hayden video the other night i was really furious on that “sick” doctor but when i learned that maricar was also a victim of this man i was in bad mood the whole day yesterday. i don’t know her personally but i adore maricar since the day i saw her in betty la fea and i still can’t believe that someone will ruin her just like that. she doesn’t deserve this….no one does. she fell in love not only to a wrong man but to a sick man. i just hope that the respect that we have gave her won’t change just because of this filthy video. it’s not her fault and instead of putting her down like what i have read on some blogs let’s give her all the support that she needs…all the encouragement that will help her get through in times like this.

  5. cher says:

    this doctor is CRAZY! i feel so sorry for both maricar and katrina….i hope this hayden kho goes to JAIL

    chers last blog post..INFO 106: Baby’s Philippine and Korean Passport

  6. anne a says:

    grrhhh! i really hate hayden (hidden) kho with a passion! gosh! i really like maricar reyes and i was glad that star magic finally launched her as an actress and star magic seems to see another potential star(she has a lead role on afternoon soap called bud brothers)but that video ruined everything! i feel sorry for her esp people writing several disgusting comments @ yt…these people are sick! instead of supporting maricar, they just added to her burden by saying nasty comments! goshhh!
    i think she is really depressed now…she was betrayed…though i havent seen the video, i think she was madly in love that time that’s why she was able to give her all to damn ass hayden!
    hope she surpass this trial…

  7. ellen says:

    hayden has a very sick mind. he needs a shrink!

  8. Zerve says:

    Hayden Kho Defintion—>>> MAD, SICK , PSYCHO ,MANIAC…….

    He should be Hang………………………..!!!!!!!!

  9. jam says:

    Likewise, i’ve seen the two videos and you’ll really feel sorry for the victim. Hayden is a sick guy. Very sick… Doesn’t deserve any respect.

  10. eden says:

    I’ve seen both videos. I feel sorry for Katrina and Maricar. Someone needs to stop this guy.

    edens last blog post..A Time off and un”HOLY” Hours

  11. Rob says:

    Dra. Maricar Reyes, I do believe also that you’re a good person. The only mistake you did is to love a pervert person. Hindi sya karapat-dapat mahalin ng isang katulad mo.

    Be strong! this would be a long long battle! We support your fight!

  12. stephen says:

    She shouldn’t have committed premarital sex in the first place. It ruins everything especially for women. This scandal is one thing. Others includes early pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, etc. Love is patience and it can wait. So why not wait? It’ll be more exciting and love making will be greater than ever. After marriage, you can do everything you want. Ever thought of that? No regrets. No early pregnancy. No loss of dignity. Very exciting and satisfying lovemaking with nothing to worry about. Well.. I hope I’m making sense. Mind you.. I’m nothing against Maricar. I believe she is a good person who just committed a mistake. Nobody is perfect. I just hope she’ll learn from this mistake and move on. 🙂

  13. cesar says:

    acccording to the news the lawyer claimed that hayden with his hayden camera was ON DRUGS whenever he was having a deed with his “catch” if this is so he really deserves to be stripped of his license as a medical practitioner because he is performing what is supposed to be taboo for doctors

  14. anne a says:

    i’ve read someone posted in a forum that maricar reyes chose to keep silent will all the issue and planning to go to USA for good…don’t know it is true.
    plus, i’ve also read that though her character as one of the lead girl in bud brothers were finished, it is rumor that they gonna re-do replacing maricar =(

    • Rob says:

      oh.. too bad! I wish I can be her hero.. I’ll take her to the far far place to save and protect her. But I ain’t got powers to do that… All I can do is to wish that the following chapters of Maricar’s life will be alright..and to all the victims as well.. 🙂

  15. rigor says:

    anyway maricar is awesome in bed,nasa loob ang kulo.

  16. ley says:

    Maricar seemed so nice and cute as an angel. Dont judge her she is just human. I feel pity for her.

  17. ley says:

    She has both beauty and brains, and nice personality. Being with Dr. Hyden is the biggest mistake of her life.

  18. jose quillope says:

    this serves as a lesson that dont trust anybody while making love. anyway what i can see is hayden has a small penis for a big man. kahiya cya. maricar loves small penis haha ha

  19. leah says:

    All support for Maricar. It’s not the end of the world. There are people who understand an support you. One day it will be over.

  20. alanis says:

    Kupalhole yang si Doc Hayden, perv talaga! kung tutuusin e isang damak-mak na babae naman talaga ang pwede nyang makatalik eh! (san ka pa?? macho gwapito eh! Sino ba naman chikas ang tatangi diba) kaso bat kelangan pa niya kunan ng video?? ma-swerte sya kasi hindi sya makukulong, dahil malamang GAHASA sya sa mga convict sa loob.. ha ha!! sabog sana ang wetpaks nya sabog pati ebak!! sana lang hindi maisip ng mga kaanak ni IDOL Maricar na ipa-patay sya,dahil kung ako e isa sa mga kaanak ni Ms.Maricar… lang hya, e ipapa patay ko na yan para BUROL na lang niya ang pag usapan at hindi na yung SEX video… hehehe.. at para naman kay Dra. Vicky…. ma’am, magkano kinita mo sa pag papalabas ng video??

  21. ravena says:

    how unfortunate that this nightmare happened to a very bright and promising girl. what maricar and her family are going thru right now is unimaginable. even if i don’t know her personally, i pray that she survives this ordeal and come out of it stronger and at peace.

  22. judikiel says:

    guess all three of them are sex maniac
    yeah sure hayden is MAD, SICK , PSYCHO ,MANIAC. but one thing is clear people can detect pipz that are like them.

    its a just matter of social mask.

  23. anne a says:

    i’ve read the latest news, iyak ng iyak lang daw si maricar and ndi makausap…i pity her =(

  24. george says:

    🙁 wawa naman c maricar..

  25. anne a says:

    ni Eric John Saluta, PM

    Hindi siguro aware si Maricar Reyes na sa-sabog ang issue ng sex scandal nila ni Dr. Hayden Kho. Dahil sa isang interview niya na lumabas
    sa, in-amin nito na naging sila talaga ni Hayden.

    Ayon sa interview, nag-date sila for a year. “It was a serious relationship,” sabi ni Maricar. “I was committed to him just like all
    my relationships. It lasted for two years. Then after a year, we parted ways. It was then we btoh realized we’re not meant for each other,”
    sabi ni Maricar.

    Aniya pa, pagk-atapos ng break up, wala na silang communication ng kapwa doktor. Na-gulat si Maricar nang lumabas ang balitang hiwalay na
    sina Dr. Hayden at Dr. Vicki Belo na um-abot pa sa punto na nag-commit ng suicide si Hayden.

    “Na-gulat ako,” reaksiyon ni Maricar. “Hindi ko alam na capable siyang gumawa ng gano’n. It made me realize na at the time na kami pa,
    hindi ko pa siya kilala talaga.”

    Mula nang sumabog ang sex video scandal, wala nang lumabas na statement mula kay Maricar. Pero ayon sa isang ka-trabaho nito,

    Maricar is showing strength and bravery. She shows up sa kanyang mga tapings. In fact, kasalukuyan siyang nag-ti-taping for Precious Hearts Romances
    Presents Bud Brothers. Kasama rin si Maricar sa cast ng Lovers In Paris nina Piolo Pascual at KC Concepcion.

    Ayon sa isang na-kausap namin, “She comes to the set ready naman. Hindi masyadong nagpa-pakita na affected siya. Out of respect, hindi na
    lang pinag-uusapan ang issue sa set. Ina-alagaan naman siya ng mga co-stars niya.”

    Kamakalawa ay na-kita si Maricar na nakipag-meeting sa Star Magic bosses. Contract artist siya ng Star Magic.

    One thing ang sigurado namin. Sa pinagda-daanang ito ni Maricar, sigurado ang suporta niya mula sa Star Magic, just like any of their
    contract artists kapag nala-lagay sa ‘di ma-gandang sitwasyon.

  26. Bogie says:

    Is it true that Maricar tried to commit suicide because apparently, she was scheduled to tie the knot with her fiance, and her fiance backed out?

  27. WOLVERIENE says:

    Maricar you can move on….in the first place wala naman kahiya hiya sa ginawa mo.its is normal.I have seen the video and you Rock! si Hayden ang mahina.liit pa ng manoy niya….with his height and body structure liit nun…If its true that your fiancee backed out it his lose….ha.ha.ha

  28. Leah says:

    Glad to hear that you’re goin on with your life Doc maricar.

  29. opinion says:

    Next time girls USE YOUR BRAIN!

    Thats what happens if your brain is hooked on DRUGS!

    Don’t do drugs, it will definitely ruin your life.

    Do Godly stuff, it will surely help you succeed in your


    As for Dr. Hayden Kho as “Hayden ang camera Kho” you should

    be ashamed of yourself. You have no respect for women and

    no respect for your family name.

  30. ana says:

    let us be careful sa mga palusot ni hayden,remember he is a doctor and he can manipulate reasons why he did that, He knows all predisposing factors to his situation so he can always say he had been videod first by a woman jusifying his present state of mind.focus first on the issue of sexual abuse, the drug issue is a different story which can be tackled after he is punished for doing all these abuses! He is a disgrace to the medical profession! PRC must act decisively on this matter. So many lies he claimed to be a cosmetic surgeon? He did not undergo legitimate and accredited residency training in surgery which is 5 years more after medicine,then fellowsjip in cosmetic surgery.

  31. anna m says:


    I grew up looking up to Maricar Reyes. I was browsing through my old Candy Mag’s when I heard about the scandal For me, she’s an awesome person. It’s sad this had to happen for her.

  32. chloe says:

    I still adore Ms. Maricar reyes no matter what. nangyari na yun at di na mababalik ,pero sana wag siya sisihin ng mga tao, dont put all the blame sa isang tao, panagutan ni hayden ang kasalanan nya , for katrina ,dont act as if victim talaga, ginusto nya yung premarital sex yun nga lang na-video ng di nya alam. Basta I love Maricar Reyes, kaya mo yan girl, malalagpasan mo yan.Nagmahal ka lang ng totoo , I believed na di lang lust yun,nagkataon na celebrity ka kya ganun kaingay ang issue,at biktima ng sakit ni hayden kho.

  33. Christian says:

    I feel sorry for the ladies that were on these videos… I know for sure that they will still have a good future, its not their fault, its just natural having done that “sex” but they were really betrayed by the time it was being filmed.

  34. hearyey says:

    wow. i truly find everyone’s comment here more mature, unlike others who gives unfair judgement…to ms. maricar, just be very strong, keep being strong. Your differences with Hayden as your past relationship proves everything and believe you deserve someone much much much better. i’ll pray for your peace of mind that you surpass

  35. marita says:

    wow bakit naman si Hayden lang ang may kasalanan. In the first place di ba alam ng mga babae na yan na may Vicky Belo si Hayden and yet pumatol sila at nagpagamit. Di lang si Hayden ang nagre-record ng sex videos nila, maraming lalaki diyan, di nga lang celebrity kaya di natin kilala. I also feel sorry for Hayden na nasabit siya ng ganito. Nagkamali ang tao, sana mapatawad naman natin. As for Maricar and katrina, di ba nakabuti naman sa inyo, mas marami kayong projects ngayon?
    Sana lang next time, lesson na ito sa mga partners, no video na lang and enjoy each other na lang.

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