Hot Pink Seoul!

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18 Responses

  1. eden says:

    Ahhhhh that looks really cool specially this hot season…

    edens last blog post..Another Victory for Pacquiao

  2. Foxy-Roxy says:

    Hi there!I have been your silent reader for couple months and i enjoy reading your bloggie. 🙂
    I been to Korea once back to 2005.I LOVE KOREA!hehe..
    Everytime when i read your bloggie it makes me wanna go Korea again so bad!;p I guess I will definitely make it happen again.
    Aha!Thanks for sharing all these pinky stuff.Loving it!Summer just around the corner?


    • Betchay says:

      hi Foxy-Roxy! thank you… we’ve been having a really warm weather… almost summer like and it’s still supposed to be spring! i wonder how hot it would be like in the summer…. sana naman maraming ulan 🙂

      • Foxy-Roxy says:

        Oops!I am a chinese from Malaysia & currently working @ Singapore. I don’t speak philipine language 🙂


        • Betchay says:

          Hi Foxy-Roxy! That’s okay. I have several Chinese friends here in Korea and they don’t speak the Philippine language either 😀 They speak Korean well though and that’s how we communicate.

  3. Hi,

    Its done i have added you site.
    How long have been there and can you post in general your impression in living in Korea. In Cebu we have many Koreans visitors and they even established they business here.

    You might want to run an outsourcing business there with Filipino counter parts.
    We design and develop websites. Let me know if you are interested

    Deped Teachers last blog post..10 Suggested Criteria for Selection of Learning Experiences

  4. sendzki says:

    woah….ang saya naman. happy children’s day nga pala

    sendzkis last blog post..Sluggish

  5. Tesha says:

    Belated Happy Parents’ Day to you and your husband, and Happy Mother’s Day, Betchay!

    Teshas last blog post..Kana reading practice: ベンチが ひとつ

    • Betchay says:

      hi Tesha! i remember that we went to Nami on parents’ day last year… and back in Seoul an old guy gave my son 1,000 won… don’t know if you remember that but last Parents’ Day we were in the subway and an old man again gave him 1,000 won… hehehe

  6. sollee says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Betchay^^

  7. naoko says:

    We also have the Children’s day on May 5th in Japan.
    It looks interesting to make the Seoul mask! 😀

    naokos last blog post..Ninja Momo!

  8. Maggie says:

    Hi there, I always visit your blog and this is really cool!
    Thanks for sharing this information and keep it up.
    I luv your blog and I hope I can visit Korea and I hope I can meet you:-)
    Thanks again for blogging life in Korea:-)

    • Betchay says:

      hi maggie! thanks for visiting too… please call me when you come here for a visit… i’d love to show you around

  9. jehan says:

    hi ate! belated happy mother’s day.. i was at seoul plaza last sunday. thessa invited me to the “fair”. we actually didnt’t know it was the seoul friendship fair so i was so surprised with the booths and performances. the Philippine’s booths were a hit. when i returned to buy bananas and pineapples before going home at about 3:30 pero wala na…

    jehans last blog post..See You in Friendster…

  10. jehan says:

    haha.. Philippines’ booths pala dapat.. nahawa na…

    jehans last blog post..See You in Friendster…

  11. karis says:

    ganda naman ng website nyo……….mabuhay ang mga pilipinong ofw………………yehey………..GOD bless u all guys………pag may nang aping korean sa inyo,give them a hot english!!

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