2NE1 is on FIRE!

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  1. jo says:

    I like their song collaboration with Big Bang called Lollipop better. Its nice to see Sandara..ahem DARA..looking cool and astig. Pa-cute kasi siya before.

    I have been backreading your previous blog entries for the past couple of days. I stumbled across your blog in through the course of doing my research for our upcoming trip to Seoul. I’m currently based here in Singapore and its interesting to read about fellow a Pinay’s experience settling down in a foreign country. Singapore is such a multiracial country so I guess, compared to you, I had an easier time adjusting. Your son is so cute, BTW.

  2. tad_bit says:

    i just have to leave a comment since im expecting 2ne1 to be my # 1 fave group. i like the street version better.

  3. MM M says:

    I love the street version too! And I love the fact that this group stayed away from the usual girl group image. πŸ™‚ Nice blog you have here πŸ™‚

    MM Ms last blog post..The boys are coming!

    • Betchay says:

      @MM M >> couldn’t agree with you more… I just got tired of the pa-cute stuff that most girl groups in Korea are notorious for… i hope 2NE1 wouldn’t go that route…

    • jena says:

      i love u 2ne1 ang gnda nyo lht sana makta k kau sa personal love u guyz u look so good 2ne1

  4. jehan says:

    i like the space version better…

    jehans last blog post..My Boys….

  5. eden says:

    I’ve been watching their MV again and again for the past couple of days. I like their moves. hehehe

    edens last blog post..Another Victory for Pacquiao

    • Betchay says:

      yup yup… they will officially debut on sunday, may 17 on SBS’ Ingigayo… unfortunately wala kaming SBS!

  6. gelo says:

    i won’t be surprised if i will be hearing the same genre with other girl group in the near future:)) BUT STILL I AM HAPPY THAT 2NE1 STARTED IT:))

  7. jehan says:

    hi eden… pareho tayo.. it’s really nice watching them again and again…

    jehans last blog post..Of Children’s Day, Parents’ Day and Teacher’s Day..

  8. sendzki says:

    woah..sandara…kk.fan pa naman niya ako dati hahahaa…she’s cute kk ^^

    sendzkis last blog post..Sluggish

  9. tokkie says:

    honestly, di ko type yung kanta and all of the other k-pop songs. Nakakabuang yung kanta parang maingay ewan di ko madescribe. Or probably because I am not into this kind of music. And parang…si sandara lang ang cute. goodness ang papangit nila.

  10. highschooler says:

    Hello po! I know this is very irrelevant sa post nyo pero I just wanna ask if ano po yung nilalagay ng mga koreans sa face nila? Tapos parang dinadampi2x lang nila, liquid po yun eh. Nakita ko po kasi sa mga movies like windstruck and A moment to remember and other dramas and movies. MAy ganun po kaya dito sa pinas? Thanks!

  11. nikita says:

    maganda si sandara at si park bom, omg! nakita ko yung official debut nila on youtube.. super grabe ng energy nila compare sa usual korean group.. This was really fresh.. and please stop the style crap problem nila..(nababasa sa ibang blog.. hehe) their can carry it beautifully nman. btw, i like both versions. hahaha.. just cant get enough also. aww. im not really into korean music but this group is on Fire! (other than kay Boa..hehe)

  12. lanie0923 says:

    I like 2NE1! They are great! Fire is a good song. It makes me move. πŸ™‚ the street version video is better than the space version. i love CL and Sandara! good luck 2NE1! πŸ™‚

  13. Kristal says:

    When I heard Sandara is to be launched in a girl group in korea I wasn’t expecting anything big…UNTIL I saw 2ne1’s fire debut stage! It’s one of the best videos I’ve seen & I admit that I am now a fan of 2ne1! Alright they might not be as cutesy or pretty as the other korean girl groups BUT their attitude, moves, confidence, guts overall FIERCENESS is just amazing! The leader CL really carries herself confidently, Minzy is da bomb on the dance floor, Bom the songbird of the group and the Dara is there for their mass appeal. 2ne1 fighting! The FIERCEST korean girl group! πŸ™‚

  14. mel says:

    amazing… every time i hear there song.. it makes me dance.. they are really on fire.. i love dara.. cl.. bom.. and minzy… they’r so hot.. cool… can’t wait to hear more of their songs…

  15. bheck says:

    unbelievable…..i cant believe that she is really sandara park coz ive seen her before here in philippines not dancing like that way…hiphop….i love it,,,,,go,go,go……mahal ko kayo!!!in or out…..

  16. patty says:

    love it its very hot..we miss dara here at aphilippines..
    plz,visit us…

    were begging..

    im very addict on all your songs..

  17. anie says:


  18. diosa mae says:

    Wow galing ni sandra ngayun. Masaya ako para sa kanya. Sana magtuloytuloy na. Ang ganda niya sa video. Parang siya lang ang maganda sa kanila.

  19. Ken says:

    No. 1 Fan nah ako ng 2ne1. Mahal ko na ata c Sandara, ang kyut nya tlga and also si Park Bom I love her musical tone and she’s cute too. CL and Minzy wow These girls can rap dude. And I never really expected Minzy to be 15 yrs old that’s just amusing right? I love Fire I agree street version is preferable than the space one, and also Lollipop I love the collaboration of 2ne1 and big bang and the MV is pretty awesome. Oh you might want to listen to 2ne1’s new song I Don’t Care inilaunch ito nung July 2 so fresh na fresh pa tlga nasa youtube pow toh. Go Go Go 2ne1, and oh all I could wish for is for the group to have a concert somewhere in the Philippines I will be there β™₯.. So Let’s support them. The Future Girl Group 2NE1.

  20. maritoni says:

    i really love your songs!!
    the best!!

  21. maritoni says:

    lhagi kong pinapakinggan ung fire nio iloveit~!!

  22. pauline says:

    hi i β™₯ ur song fireβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  23. pauline says:


  24. Jade says:

    I guess all of Sandara’s fans are happy with her carrier in Korea as of this time with her group 2NE1, kahit na umalis siya na PH at least naging maganda yung pagkaka-discover sa kanya dito para sumikat xa sa Korea. It’s a very cute Sandara that everybody can see right now.. she’s so cool with her outfits not like when she is her in the PH n p-cute2 ang mga roles and even songs niya.. We’re happy for her..

    이동 μ†Œλ…€ .. .. μ• μ“°μ„Έμš” 당신은 μ§€κΈˆ 무엇을해야 λ§ˆλ•… …

  25. janine says:

    it’s so nice

  26. mark says:

    hi sandi your song fire and your group 2ne1 is no.1 in myx your the best you come in the phil.to have a concert…mark keep up the good work

  27. Hiro says:

    wow the best talaga c sandara!!!
    naging interested tuloy ako sa kpop!!!
    have u seen the video when dara sung “in or out” in
    one of their TV appearance!!!
    I am really proud of sandara couse she’s
    always doing her best to fulfill her dreams
    and she did not forget her roots specially her
    roots in the Philippines!!!!
    Goodluck to 2NE1 specially to Dara!!!!!!!!
    I’m a Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Forever!!! I Love You Dara!!!!!!

  28. euve says:

    galing nila

  29. hi there! i really love to hear the songs of 2ne1. specially sandara park, imiss here so much na. when she’s here in the phil, i really love watching her movies. she’s so cute.’ and no””w, she’s very tal’ented and sup’er sikat na. go sandy! hop’e na makap’unta ka dito sa p””hil uit.. we l’ove you….”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

  30. ”we l’ove you sandy”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

  31. sana mkabal’i kna here sa p”’hil. hi zel’ and fia.”””’ also kia.miz yah quakers.”””””””””””””””””’

  32. analyn tejero says:

    hi dara ………..alam mo na shock talaga me when i saw you in a myx video ang galing you idol na kita………

  33. jayson says:

    hi sandara. . . . . .
    alam mo ba na your so beautiful mo sa music video na fire. . . . idol n kita . . . sana eh mag concert kayo dito sa philippines. . . . . . . . . . .

  34. astraea29 says:

    what else should i say?
    you guys have already said it all

    go 2NE1!

  35. christhel says:

    hi 2ne1 u so so so so so amazing ur all sing and dance?

  36. khalid says:

    we ganda naman song na 2 hehehehe ty sa lahat ^_^ pa add na lng po sa fs hehehe khalid16@yahoo.com

  37. khalid says:

    we iadol ko po c sandara kc ang cote cote talaga in lov ata me sa kanyan hehehehe tink you ^_~
    .-= khalid´s last blog ..Weakonomics Take On The Health Care Debate =-.

  38. dalit says:

    grabi! i like sandara talaga! since i was kid

  39. angel says:

    hi 2ne1 your so beautiful bom and dara

  40. angel says:

    hi 2ne1 your so beautiful bom and dara


  41. vegie says:

    Wow… gumanda lalo si sandara… ah!!! galing na talaga niyang sumayaw… hataw talaga… nakakabilib naman… galing mo talaga dara… tour naman kayo dito sa pilipinas…

    we miss you na talaga

  42. jazmine says:

    wow!!! 2ne1 i`ve never ever seen these group their voices is cool not hot. i totally love them. i love 2ne1

  43. jazmine says:

    please 2ne1 come in philiphines we totally miss you

  44. ASRIE says:

    Haloha……..im ur xtreme super dooper biggest fan!ur songs are very “astig”,specially when u dance…8’s so kakaloka…specially u DARA

  45. Miss ka na nmin dara,,,
    Ang galing nyo,,,
    I love you Guyzzzz,,,

  46. shadow says:

    sarangge 2ne1

  47. hi 2 all members 2ne1 gruop

  48. jivenjie says:

    waaaah!!! ngayong tapos na ang lahat..ngayon lang ako humahabol sa nangyari.

    di ko alam na yang si sandara na binabalewala natin sa pinas nag morphed sa isang diko mapaliwanag..

    i’m 6 months too late. very sad. clips lang sa youtube ang pinapanood ko.

    admit ko i’m embrassingly obssesed ako about the story and this new sandara. hirap explain. prang na in love ako sa kanya from me being passive before. i used to view her as a pleasant good girl sa mga pinoy movies which i dont have time to watch

    ..ang alam ko simpleng koreana/pilipina lang to na i don’t expect much future.

    naawa yata ako minsan na umuwi to sa korea at walang nangyari. ganun lang. tapos eto…

    si maria clara na krung krung naging lady gaga, hip hop gangbanger.. magic

    • Betchay says:

      oo… with matching numerous CFs (11st, Baskin Robbins, Fila) at with Lee Min Ho (Cass) pa… at naboto pa na no.2 “ulzzang” at pangalawa lang kay Kim Hyun Joong ng Boys Over Flowers… ganun lang naman siya kasikat

  49. albergal1012 says:

    sandy is a veteran actress when she returned to korea but lacks the talent, singing and dancing, to become an idol but her perseverance paid off that korean director commented that she made the impossible possible. Brave girl hope she does cosmetic cf highest paying advert

  50. maryam says:

    I liked the Vbtvn love you come visit the new Vbm Increase your photos Bai Bai

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