Swine Flu in Korea

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  1. Ann P. says:

    You don’t have to bring your own kimchi. I’m sure there are lots of Korean groceries in LA that sell kimchi. 🙂

  2. lynmen says:

    yeah. I’m pretty sure there’s lots of korean stores— expecially downtown LA where there’s a korea town. Hmm.. there’s quite a few people staying low right now in terms of traveling because of the swine flu outbreak.

  3. attan says:


    Is it safe to travel to south korea due to Swine Flue? Pls reply.

  4. joyce escano says:

    i like ur site….

  5. Noemi says:

    hey! look me up when you’re in LA. I work in downtown…

  6. Swine Flu can be scary but by following some simple guidlines you can help prevent any symptoms. I agree its especially worrying for parents.

    People seem to have forgotten about Swine Flu of late and are putting it down to a slightly stronger version of the common cold.

    The virus is coming back in a much stronger form so people should not let their guards down. Clean hands regularly, catch it and bin it still counts.

  7. domuz gribi says:

    thank for great info.

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