N Seoul Tower’s Love Message Tiles

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10 Responses

  1. annie says:

    aww.. that’s soo sweet and cute! yay miss bechay, if you’ll open here, have a branch in cebu din. imma be the first customer. hahah

  2. marian says:

    ang ganda naman nito! wish ko lang meron din sa pinas, pero baka naman nakawin lang yung tiles and locks kung sakali… sayang lang. 😉

    marians last blog post..Kim Jeong-hoon enters military service

  3. yen says:

    wah, i didn’t see this when i visited south korea and went to Namsam Tower!

  4. sendzki says:

    woahhh…uh-mazing..kk …whew

  5. kayni says:

    i like this idea…soo cute =).

    kaynis last blog post..A D.C. Morning

  6. jehan says:

    ang cute naman…. haven’t been there yet, just saw it from my sis-in-law’s apartment.

    jehans last blog post..The Monster and the Monsterer

  7. walastek says:

    Cute naman…ingat lang yung mga babaero dyan, baka mabuking kayo…hehehe…

  8. april says:

    that’s so cute and what a nice idea..

  9. elyoka says:

    i was always wondering for how long do they have them posted? i mean, it is obvious that they take them off from time to time.

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