Big Bang & 2NE1’s Lollipop on Perez Hilton TV

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  1. eden says:

    I’ve read the comments about them and I don’t know why people just wouldn’t give them a chance. They’ve only seen not even a fraction of what the group could do but there are a whole bunch of haters. Haaaaayyyyyy…

    edens last blog post..Korean Men

  2. gidget says:

    Ang ku-cute nila and also their song. Finally I saw Sandy, I’m so proud of her. She the breadwinner of her family. Go Sandy go!!!

  3. marian says:

    i wish na sana matuloy na ito. give them a chance, mukhang ok naman. di naman masama yung song nila. who knows, maybe they have a lot to offer comapred to other girl groups out there, diba? uy, Happy Easter pala! *hugs*

    marians last blog post..Lenten Season in the Philippines

  4. annie says:

    Lolli, lolli, lolli POP!
    hahaha. the song’s pretty addicting.
    I hope they’ll make it big. sandy’s cute.=)

  5. dolphin says:

    filipinos will surely appreciate this song as well as other k-pop songs~actually, filipinos have already started to appreciate them. but wait, in my opinion, the music of wonder girls, gir’s generation, 2NE1, and other solo female singers aren’t really pop songs but more of novelty songs. k-pop songs are cute but the artists fashion style and dance steps are all the same — they all look retro. when i watch them sing there are too much hand movements, pouting of lips ala “victoria court” logo^^, and then they always make their eyes big (as in they’re always in awe^^),which by the way is also common in their acting style- palalakihin yung eyes sabay ibubuka yung bibig (ha!ha!.

  6. formica says:

    so cute! abs cbn should feel sorry for labeling SANDARA PARK as “Krung krung” its really NOT nice. This is 200% way better than her career in abs cbn.

  7. monica says:

    the song,for my opinion is SO CATCHY. haha. i love korean songs and this one is good. maybe because i love big bang 🙂

    i hope na 2NE1 can be as big as So Nyeo Shi Dae and Wonder Girls 🙂

  8. shey says:

    Sandara Park or dara is so cute :] and i love her !
    and i also miss her !
    Hope she will visit here in philippines!:)

  9. bon says:

    i like 2NE1..their songs, styles, steps and their voice!

  10. catherine says:

    …Hello,I really like the 2ne1 group! esp. dara is the best… Gowh…

  11. jaz says:

    …. gO sAndy!!

    I’m So proud of you!!

    SAna tuloy-tuloy pah rin yang maganda mOng cAreEr!!

    GoOd jOb!!

    WE miZ u!!

  12. Oreo Cookies says:

    I love Big Bang they sing really good 😀 I like have listen to them since 2006 & I like their songs, especially when they sing solo on their albums 🙂 I also like 2NE1 they sing really good

  13. jezcel04 says:

    ikaw ang pinaka gusto kong artista sa buong mundo

  14. jezcel04 says:

    sa paningin ko ikaw ang pinaka maganda sa buong mundo!

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